Facebook Adds 2 Brand Safety Controls for In-Stream Ads

Facebook added two more weapons to its arsenal of brand safety controls for its in-stream ads .

The social network said in a blog post Monday that over 1.25 billion people visit Facebook Watch on a monthly basis.

Its new topic exclusion tool, powered by machine learning technology, will enable in-stream advertisers to choose content-level exclusions from four topics: gaming, news, politics and religious/spiritual content.

And publisher allow lists for in-stream auctions will give advertisers the ability to select a list of publishers based on their own brand suitability criteria, ensuring that their campaigns are delivered exclusively on content from those publishers.

Facebook said that in the coming weeks, its In-Stream Reserve premium content offering will test content-delivery reports with select advertisers, giving them more visibility into video assets where their ads were delivered.;

The social network said this marks an additional layer of visibility atop the publisher-level data it already shares in its reporting.

Facebook wrote, “We recognize our responsibility to provide a safe environment for everyone using our platforms. And while there is still more to be done, we’re committed to continue investing in our people, processes and tools to help keep the platform safe for all.”


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