Exam-Labs Survey: IT Certifications That Quickly Make You a Certified Specialist

IT Certifications

Any professional who wants to excel in the IT industry should study continuously and achieve the relevant certifications that make one a certified specialist. Acquiring more knowledge and becoming certified is the only way to remain relevant in the job market and in the IT field. You should remain comfortable with the knowledge you already have and be contented with your current job position.

Exam-Labs gathered 5 IT certifications that will help you become a certified specialist in no time. They include:

1. CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional)

CBAP is globally recognized as a top IT certification. It is one of those IT credentials that quickly make you a certified professional once you acquire it. Guided by a popular IIBA, or International Institute of Business Analysis, this certificate is intended for those IT specialists who have 7,500 hours of business analysis profiling experience. The experience must be within the period of 10 years.

When you attain this credential, you are awarded the title of Certified Business Analysis Professional. It is important to remember that before an individual can qualify for attaining the certificate, one should have at least 5 years of experience working as a Business Analyst. This working experience covers a range of ventures, particularly in business analysis exercises. Before you can apply for this title, you must have at least a high school and secondary school education.

2. Salesforce

Are you looking for a great ticket to a lucrative profession in the field of IT? If yes, then you should consider the Salesforce certifications. The Salesforce notion is completely deep-rooted in CRM or Customer Relationship Management, and it has now become a skill that most organizations across the globe are looking for. These certificates are among the fastest credentials you can consider if you want to acquire the highly sought-after skill sets and knowledge in the current job market. They are one of those IT certifications that make you a certified specialist and will propel your career forward irrespective of your current job role.

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The Salesforce certification program is designed to equip the candidates with the skill sets that are beneficial not only for the professionals themselves, but also for the IT industry and the organizations where these individuals will be working after acquiring the credential. Those IT specialists who currently work as project administrators, programming engineers, sales and marketing experts, and designers and developers can all benefit from the knowledge and skill sets of the Salesforce certification program. You can register with Exam-Labs to take your Salesforce course wherever you may be.

The Salesforce market is today regarded as among the most profitable fields. With this credential, you can start off as a Salesforce consultant rather than starting off as an employee in an organization. Today, there are very many freelancer Salesforce consultants and you can also become one just by attaining this certificate. Based on what reports show, about 70 per cent of Salesforce consultants who started off as freelancer consultants went ahead and secured full-time employment after achieving this certification.

3. Hadoop

If there is one of the most valued credentials that the IT professionals should pay attention to, then it must be the Hadoop certification. It is one of the ways that will quickly make you a certified specialist. Big Data has been and continues to grow. It has now begun to attract interest and attention from organizations across the globe. This has absolutely nothing to do with whichever industry you are currently working in. Any field, whether marketing and sales, pharmaceuticals, retail, media, or utilities, Big Data take a very crucial space in any business.

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Business around the world is now focusing on working with the attest IT insights in order to help them plan a profitable route for their business. This is why Hadoop has become an important option to consider when looking for a profitable IT certification today. With the Hadoop credential and adequate training in Big Data, you will definitely become a highly sought-after expert. Maybe you are wondering where you can acquire training in Big Data. Well, look no further than Exam-Labs. Register today and give your career a boost.

The Hadoop certifications validate that you have the ability to take good care of petabytes of information in an organization. This is the ability that the companies are usually looking for when hiring the employees.

4. Microsoft SQL Server

We bet you already know that having a certification in Microsoft SQL Server can add an additional 10 per cent or more to your earning potential. If you are working as a database administrator and you have already attained this Microsoft SQL Server certification, you can actually earn an average of about $99,000 annually. Beyond and overpay, you can also get a pay rise in your job every two years. Actually, you can earn up to a million dollar within a span of two years if you have the certificate in Microsoft SQL Server.

5. Website Design

Think of the huge number of websites that already exist and the huge amount that are being opened daily. By considering this, you will definitely understand that it is not going to be hard to get a good paying job as a web designer. The website designing certifications are typically the courses that normally cover various skills that the individuals need to effectively design a website.When you take the relevant course at Exam-Labs, you will learn how to code the site, plan its design, and effectively work with several kinds of media. To develop websites, you need to have the skills and knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, as well as hands-on experience. These are the abilities that you will acquire when you take a Website Design course.

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With the Website Design certificate, you will easily get a high paying job. Actually, reports show that people with such a certification can earn up to$70,000. Besides, you can also decide to work as a freelancer while maintaining your well-paying full-time job.


Seek for any of the IT certificates mentioned in this article to remain relevant and competitive in the IT job market. All the IT certification courses are offered by Exam-Labs at an affordable price.

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