Evo 2020 in disarray after Capcom, Mortal Kombat withdraw in wake of sexual abuse allegations

Evo is the biggest fighting game event of the year. This year’s show had to go online due to the pandemic, but now even that version is on its death bed as games, companies, and competitors are pulling out after recent sexual abuse scandals about the tournament’s organizer.

Joey Cuellar is the president of Evo. He has been accused of preying on young boys during the ’90s and 2000s. Evo announced Wednesday that it had put Cuellar on administrative leave, but that isn’t stopping a mass exodus.

We have reached out to the show’s organizers to see if it has a statement. GamesBeat has been told that one is coming within an hour or so. We will update this story when we receive it.

Capcom is among those leaving the show. As the company behind the Street Fighter franchise, this is a big loss for the tournament. NetherRealm, the studio behind Mortal Kombat XI, also announced today that it will not be participating in Evo.

Popular competitor SonixFox announced that he will not participate in show, as have two commentators for Skullgirls.

The controversy surrounding Evo happened on the same day that despicable behavior surrounding the Super Smash Bros. competitive community has come to light. Nintendo itself has little involvement with esports events for the series, so do not expect a statement from them about the incident.

Other big fighting games are still on for Evo’s digital show, including Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball Fighterz.

Update 6:02 p.m. Pacific: Bandai Namco has also dropped out, so Tekken 7 will not be at Evo.

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