Everything We Know So Far About Xbox’s Video Game Movie

If the record-breaking box office numbers of The Super Mario Bros. Movie and the hugely positive reception of HBO’s The Last of Us are indications, it looks like video game adaptations have finally found their place in the film and television industry. It’s a sub-genre that has gained a lot of speed in recent years, which is even more impressive given that video game movies were once avoided like the plague for their poor performances. As video games have become increasingly popular over the years, both production companies and gaming studios would be more open to adapting popular properties for television and film.

One of the few prominent gaming names that have yet to make a huge splash in the film and television market is Xbox, even though they have more than a few properties that would be stellar material for a live-action or animated feature film/series. Yes, Paramount did try to bring the gaming giant’s most popular franchise, Halo, with their series. Still, fans quickly decided the show had nothing to do with the beloved source material. Thankfully, Xbox has another sci-fi shooter franchise with a film adaptation that has been gestating for a while.


That franchise is Gears of War – the bloody apocalyptic third-person shooter set to get the feature film treatment thanks to Netflix. In what could be the start of a blossoming franchise, the Gears of War film is expected to take audiences to the war-torn planet of Sera to see the freedom-fighting humans face off against the deadly Locust horde. After years in development hell, the project looks like it finally has the chance of seeing the light of day. To learn more about the long-awaited video game adaptation and its development, streaming status, crew members, and more, here is everything we know about the Gears of War film adaptation.

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Does Gears of War Have a Release Date?

The Gears of War movie is still in very early development, with the pre-production process only getting underway. That means that Netflix has not set a hard release date for the project and likely will only once the film gets closer to entering production.

Is There a Trailer for Gears of War?

Principal photography hasn’t even begun for Gears of War yet, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer before we see COG soldiers shredding Locust drones with their chainsaw guns.

Where Can You Watch Gears of War?

Being a Netflix production, Gears of War will almost definitely be exclusively streaming on the entertainment giant once post-production is finally concluded. While this does make a theatrical release unlikely, it doesn’t completely rule it out as a possibility. Should Netflix want the film to be considered for major awards consideration and maybe even take advantage of the recent boom in video game box office numbers, the film would need to have at least a limited release in movie theaters.

Who Stars in Gears of War?

Dave Bautista in Army of the Dead
Image via Netflix

Casting for Gears of War has yet to begin, but one big name, particularly, has been repeatedly associated with the upcoming project. His time may be over with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, but Dave Bautista has often expressed interest in portraying the lead role of Marcus Fenix. Bautista had publicly said that he lobbied for the part before Netflix was even attached to helm the adaptation, even going as far as to post an Instagram post of him wearing the game’s signature armor later. Gears of War franchise creator Cliff Bleszinski also endorsed Bautista’s casting, saying the Guardians of the Galaxy star would be his first choice for a live-action adaptation. It’s abundantly clear that Dave Bautista is a massive fan of the source material, even appearing as a playable character in the franchise’s most recent entry, Gears 5. As perfect as the actor seems for the part, his casting in part is still unofficial.

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What Is Gears of War About?

It’s yet to be determined whether the upcoming Gears of War movie will directly adapt to the first game or take things in a more original direction. Regardless, here’s the gist of what the original Gears of War game are about.

The first game in the series takes place in the far future, where humankind has found a new home on the planet of Sera. Despite several years of civil war, humans lived in relative peace shortly after colonizing the earth. That all changes when subterranean aliens known as the Locust rises from Sera’s core, declaring war on all humans. Using chainsaw guns and other brutal forms of weaponry, the humans fight a valiant but ultimately difficult war against the monstrous enemy. The ensuing battle becomes the chief priority of the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG for short).

The tide officially changes fourteen years after the Locust invasion begins when the legendary Delta Squad takes the fight back to the evil horde. The team is led by the brash Marcus Fenix (John DiMaggio) – a discharged veteran who is brought back into COG to help fight back against the Locust. The rest of the squad is made up of family man Dominic Santiago (Carlos Ferro), comic relief machine Augustus Cole (Lester Speight), and rebellious gearhead Damon Baird (Fred Tatasciore), all of whom become essential in stopping the Locust horde and defeating their brutal leader, General RAAM (Dee Bradley Baker). However, while Delta Squad achieves a critical victory against the horde, it’s only the first step of a long campaign.

Who is Making Gears of War?


Netflix’s Gears of War adaptation has yet to attach a director to the project, but it did get a very solid screenwriter to pen the film’s script. Jon Spaihts, who recently had a massive win with the screenplay for Dune, will be writing the Gears of War adaptation screenplay. Spaihts’ other writing credits include Prometheus and Doctor Strange.

Will Gears of War Get a Sequel?

When Netflix announced they acquired the adaptation rights for Gears of War in 2022, they made it clear that there is a real possibility for “more stores to follow” the first Gears of War to follow should the film be a success. Netflix also announced that an adult animated series in the Gears of War universe is also in development, so Netflix has big plans for Marcus Fenix and the many characters of this prolific franchise.


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