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Published on April 6th, 2020 |
by Zachary Shahan

April 6th, 2020 by  

A cool electric vehicle total cost of ownership calculator from a California utility (for its region), the horrible situation the state of Louisiana is in with regards to the coronavirus epidemic and COVID-19, coming gas station bankruptcies, and Elon Musk’s offer of ventilators to any hospital urgently needing them led CleanTechnica’s list of the most popular stories last week. Click through to read them if you happened to miss them (if they interest you), or scroll down to see the full list of the 20 top articles of the week.

  1. Check Out This Electric Vehicle Total Cost Of Ownership Calculator
  2. Louisiana Is In Horror, Lack Of Medical Supplies Dire — Plea For Help
  3. Gas Stations Face Bankruptcy As Demand Plummets
  4. Elon Musk & Tesla Offer Ventilators To Any Hospital In Urgent Need, & Deliver Ventilators To NYC
  5. No One Is Buying Canada’s Oil: A Preview Of The Near Future New Normal
  6. Tesla Model Y vs. Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S
  7. Tesla Cuts Jobs In Nevada, Sends Ventilators To New York
  8. Tesla & The China Connection
  9. Off-The-Radar Renewable Energy Explosion After COVID-19 Dust Settles — CleanTechnica Interview
  10. Swedish E-Bike Cake Ösa Wins Red Dot Award For Design
  11. Tesla Model 3 Performance Takes On Harley-Davidson In All-Electric Drag Race
  12. Renewable Hydrogen Sneak Attack On “Toughest Third” Of Global CO2 Emissions — CleanTechnica Interview
  13. Volkswagen Software Comments — 10 Months Ago vs. Today
  14. 4 Things China Is Doing To Contain Coronavirus That USA Is Not Doing — Anywhere
  15. Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Owner Shares 1st Thoughts On Model Y (+ Q&A For CleanTechnica Next Week)
  16. ResMed CEO On Elon Musk: “I Think It’s Great What He Did”
  17. Virus Or Not, US States Foment 100% Renewable Energy Rebellion
  18. Liebherr Releases First All-Electric Cement Mixer
  19. Tesla Battery + Ram ProMaster = Living Your Best Van Life
  20. Automotive Expert Sandy Munro On The Tesla Model Y: “Lots Of Room In There”
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Coronavirus continues to stimulate a lot of stories and grab a lot of eyeballs — something I didn’t expect at the beginning of 2020. Naturally, the Tesla Model Y — and still the Model 3 too — also end up being the stars of many popular stories. The only surprise is how much that gets muffled by the coronavirus noise. And then oil also had a big week — because of the seeming commencement of its downfall. 

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