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Eurovision 2022: Serbia’s entry features peculiar lyrics about Meghan Markle

Serbia’s Eurovision 2022 song has bemused fans with a strange reference to Meghan Markle’s “deeply hydrated” hair.

Performed by Serbian singer Konstrakta, the song is entitled “Corpore Sano”, which is Latin for ‘In a healthy body’.

The song, which evokes the music of Kraftwerk, begins with the line: “What could be the secret of Meghan Markle’s healthy hair?”

Konstrakta continues to talk about the importance of hydration, and how under-eye circles are supposedly linked to liver distress. At the same time, she is seen washing her hands in a bowl surrounded by dancers with towels draped over their shoulders, mimicking the set-up of a beauty salon.

“The artist is supposed to be healthy,” goes the chorus of the song, which then crescendos into a gospel-like proclamation: “God grant us health!”

But Markle is not the sole subject of the song, as Konstrakta goes on to address topics including Serbia’s health system, politics and social norms.

The song seems a direct response to the Eurovision 2022 theme “The Sound of Beauty”. Konstrakta’s performance has been interpreted as a satirical commentary on healthcare systems and beauty standards.

Speaking about the reference to the royal, Konstrakta said: “Meghan Markle isn’t that important here, but she’s representative of all those people in the media that we’re focused on.

“She hasn’t contacted me yet, but I’d like for her to hear it! This is a song about the atmosphere in which we’re living, which has put health as the highest value.”


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