Essential iPad tips to help you work from home

Apple’s approach to product design is to make its hardware easy to use, while packing it with additional features it hopes will help you get things done as you become a power user. What follows are iPad tips to help you get work done.

iPad tips to help you work from home

Apple will introduce iOS 14 later this year and some iPad users will already be working with the public beta of the software release. You (and millions of others who acquired an iPad in recent months) may not be using it yet, but it will introduce some new features, including:

  • Sidebars and tools are consolidated in one place, making them easier to find.
  • Apple Pencil gains a new Scribble
  • The iPad’s Search (Command-Space on a keyboard) feature works across more categories and can be accessed from within any app.
  • Widgets and Smart Stacks.
  • Messages improvements.
  • Privacy and Accessibility improvements.
  • Apple has at last made it possible to switch off QuickShare on your device.

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these upcoming enhancements as you prepare for the release of iOS 14/iPad OS 14 in fall.

If you use an iPad with a Mac then you are probably already familiar with Sidecar mode, and I’m hoping most users know they can tap the title bar in almost any app to quickly scroll to the top of that page.

On with the tips:

Fast way Home

The quickest way to get back to the Home screen is to tap Command-H if using a keyboard, swipe the white bar up quickly from the bottom of your screen, or press the Home button.

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