END of car sickness – £89 miracle glasses claim to CURE motion sickness in 12 minutes | Science | News

Car manufacturer Citroen produces the £89 spectacles and claims that they will allow children to read in the back of the car without feeling nauseous.

The glasses, dubbed Seetroen, contain four empty lenses which contain reservoirs of coloured liquid that line up with an “artificial” horizon.

This resynchronises the wearer’s sense of balance regardless of their mode of transport, thereby resolving any conflict between one’s sight and inner ear that could lead to motion sickness.

The gadget ostensibly takes only 12 minutes to kill car sickness, after which the wearer can discard them.

As they are lensless they can be shared among any other occupants, as well as placed over prescription glasses.

Citroen claims up to 30million people in Europe suffer from motion sickness, which is caused when your brain struggles to work out whether you are moving or not as a result of conflicting signals from the eyes and the part of the middle ear responsible for our sense of balance.

The glasses are only suitable for those over ten – the age at which the inner ear is considered to be fully developed.

Paris-based design studio 5.5 designed the white soft-touch plastic glasses, which Citroen says reflects the French carmaker’s fresh, simple and ergonomic style.

Meanwhile, the patented technology was developed by French start-up firm Boarding Ring.

It was originally designed for sailors but has since been adapted for all forms of transport. 


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