Elon Musk got the giggles on New Year’s Eve and people are wondering what happened

Last year, Elon Musk assured the world that he wasn’t ‘on weed’ whilst publishing ill-advised tweets – only to go ahead and openly blaze a massive spliff live on the internet.

So we can only speculate about why the much-loved billionaire appeared to get the giggles at the height of the New Year celebrations last night.

Just before midnight UK time, he tweeted out the words: ‘Ha. Ha.’

So was Musk doing an Ed Balls by inserting his words into the wrong box? Or was something else going on?

Why is Elon so happy? (Picture: Reuters)

Sadly, as we don’t have a hotline which allows us to peer directly into the brain of Musk, we can only record the massive speculation his tweet prompted.

El Caleuche, a Chilean geology student, tweeted: ‘This guy. He just says “haha” and gets thousands of likes.

‘He doesn’t give a damn, he knows people will like anything he posts, even if it’s just “haha”. Well, I dare you with a “jaja” señor!’

‘Same Elon, you sassy crab,’ a woman called Abby Hubert said in reply to Musk’s tweet.

Many people speculated Musk had been at the old, erm, booze.

‘Elon Musk is drunk now after New Year party, so he is writing so strange messanges [sic.],’ one man tweeted.

Another tweeter had a wilder suggestion: ‘Little do we all know, this is Elon gloating before he launches his doomsday device.’

Happy New Year Elon!


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