Electric car chargers to become compulsory in new homes in the U.K.

With the U.K. set to ban new petrol-only cars in 2030 and hybrids by 2035 there was a move afoot this week by its government to legislate for the installation of smart charges to become compulsory in every new home, unit and office built in England. This would make England the first country to mandate for charge points in new homes to ease pressure on the existing public charging infrastructure.

The U.K. currently has approx. 25,600 public charging points but a report by the nation’s Competition and Markets Authority has found they will need to increase to around 500,000 before the end of the decade to accommodate the projected electric vehicle uptake. Low emission vehicles are on the move in Europe – in July 160,000 EV’s and Plug-in hybrids were sold representing 17 per cent of total new vehicle registrations –  pure electric vehicles made up 47 percent of that total.

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