Early 2019 Games that Could Define their Gaming Fields this Year

With the back end of the year usually toting the biggest and best game releases, 2019 has been a pleasant surprise: releasing a multitude of top-class games across all platforms in the opening stanza.

We have already had the opportunity to look back on 2018 in gaming and recognise the marvels that made it such a monumental year for gamers. Now, it looks as though we can already start to identify the incredible creations of 2019 that we can assume will be talked about at the end of the year among the very best releases.

SpellForce: Heroes & Magic

The biggest problem with mobile games has been that the biggest and most publicised titles tend to be of the freemium model, which people don’t really enjoy, but buy into nonetheless. Luckily, developers HandyGames have identified the market of gamers who want to enjoy true gaming without the underhanded freemium tactics.

SpellForce: Heroes & Magic stands as a shining light in the world of mobile games. You get a fully fledged premium game for £6.99, which includes a campaign mode and open mode as well as simultaneous turn-based combat and role-playing game elements. All in all, SpellForce: Heroes & Magic is just a great mobile game without any adverts or microtransactions. If it takes off, more developers may begin to show interest in creating games that don’t use freemium tactics.

Monopoly Live

The strides that Evolution Gaming has achieved over the last few years is quite incredible. Along with making live casino games accessible to mobile players, they’ve invented a slew of original games, such as Dream Catcher Live. Their latest has taken online gaming by storm, merging a classic with live gaming. Monopoly Live joined the live casino in the midst of April this year, spicing up the live gaming section of roulette, blackjack, Dream Catcher, baccarat, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

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The licensed game stands out with its iconic logo and has earned a huge player base very quickly. The game combines the Dream Catcher formula with the classic board game in a live gaming format. It also utilised augmented reality and 3D bonus rounds with Mr Monopoly himself. The innovative game is setting the standard for other live casino games, standing out on the platform as the very best new title this year.

Nintendo Labo: VR Kit

While most gaming companies delving into virtual reality are either trying to create mind-tricking immersive experiences or make VR a mainstream form of gaming, Nintendo are taking a different route. Instead, the innovative games company has decided to make their foray into VR more of a fun and introductory experience.

Far cheaper than the PSVR headset, the Nintendo Labo: VR Kit has been created to allow people to enjoy playful and silly arcade games that utilise the abilities of the Nintendo Switch and the Labo’s virtual reality building sets. Labo is much more popular than many expected, seeing as it is essentially cardboard, and the VR Kit could prove to be a great launching point for younger players to get into the form of gaming, potentially bolstering more advanced VR games in the future.

These games are innovating and advancing their respective fields, bringing about new and better ways to play for everyone. The year is still young, and the triple-A games to come will undoubtedly be the centre of attention, but these creations could well define their gaming spaces.   


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