Artificial Intelligence

DropShot Capital Management Presents Liquid Artificial Intelligence Based Portfolio Management Fund.

DropShot deploys a strategy that uses machine learning techniques to dynamically allocate to various asset classes as market conditions change. These include domestic and foreign equities, treasuries, corporate and high yield debt, emerging market bonds, and REITs. Tactical rotation between these markets on an adaptive basis allows the fund to continuously source returns from the most attractively priced assets.  This enables us to strive towards our primary goal: To compete with major global equity benchmarks while delivering broader exposure across markets.

We don’t lock up your funds and we offer monthly redemptions/liquidity. In order to give investors their desired level of detail into their investment’s trading performance, we offer personalized mobile and web views, in addition to monthly statements. The fund trades long only, without leverage and takes its exposure via ETFs.

DropShot is pioneering innovative techniques in systematic, data driven trading that maintains the basic demand of every investor: To be comfortable with their investment.

In short, we want you to be comfortable investing with us. Our terms are simple: Algorithmic, Liquid, Transparent.

Chris Kramvis
[email protected]

SOURCE DropShot Capital


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