Drone Logistics & Transportation Market research, Industry Outlook, Current Trends and Forecast by 2027

The Drone Logistics & Transportation Market report upholds the future market predictions related to Drone Logistics & Transportation market size, revenue, production, Consumption, gross margin and other substantial factors. It also examines the role of the prominent Drone Logistics & Transportation market players involved in the industry including their corporate overview. While emphasizing the key driving factors for Drone Logistics & Transportation market, the report also offers a full study of the future trends and developments of the market.

The Europe Drone Logistics & Transportation market accounted for US$ 7.54 Mn in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 61.0% over the forecast period 2019-2027, to account for US$ 510.87 Mn in 2027. Factors including increasing developments in the e-commerce sector and rising acceptance due to various benefits offered owing to various benefits offered are significantly driving the drone logistics & transportation market. However, shortage of drone operators in developing regions are impeding the market growth. Mounting demand of rural deliveries is opportunistic for the growth of the market. The potential of drones is evident in the places with poor infrastructure or challenging geographies like an island. Disaster recovery, medical supplies, and other applications witness significant growth potential. Drone delivery is the ultimate solution for last-mile connectivity in the rural areas.

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The overall drone logistics & transportation market size has been derived using both primary and secondary source. The research process begins with an exhaustive secondary research using internal and external sources to obtain qualitative and quantitative information related to the drone logistics & transportation market. It also provides the overview and forecast for the drone logistics & transportation market based on all the segmentation provided with respect to Europe region. Also, primary interviews were conducted with industry participants and commentators in order to validate data and analysis. The participants who typically take part in such a process include industry expert such as VPs, business development managers, market intelligence managers and national sales managers, and external consultant such as valuation experts, research analysts and key opinion leaders specializing in the warehouse management system industry. Some of the players present in drone logistics & transportation market are Flytrex, Zipline, Drone Delivery Canada Corp., Flirtey, Hardis Groupe, SAS, Volocopter, Cheetah Logistic Technology, PINC Applications Corp., Workhorse Group Inc., and Infinium Robotics among others.

Drone Logistics & Transportation Market research, Industry Outlook, Current Trends and Forecast by 2027

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Drone Logistics & Transportation Market research, Industry Outlook, Current Trends and Forecast by 2027

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The drone logistics & transportation market is fragmented with the presence of several industries and the competitive dynamics in the market is expected to change during the upcoming years. In addition to this, various initiatives are undertaken by the governmental bodies to accelerate the drone logistics & transportation market further. For instance, European Parliament announced the adoption of updated aviation safety rules which includes various new mandates for EASA to be implemented across Europe. These rules authorize the Agency present in the region to propose to the European Commission regarding the technical capability for legalizing several drones of all sizes, even the small commercial drones across the region. These the very first rules for civil drones related to the risk of the operations such as the same drone flying across the city center as well as the sea entails a completely different risk. These wide regulations will permit remotely piloted aircraft to have access to fly safely in European airspace along with legal certainty for the further expansion of industry in the region. This is further expected to provide the drone logistics & transportation players to cope up with the rapidly transforming e-commerce industry. This initiative provides multiple benefits to the companies present in this region and thus increasing the growth of drone logistics & transportation market in the region.

What will you get in this report?

  • An exhaustive analysis of the global Drone Logistics & Transportation market with detailed studies on different topics that will help key players to create effective development strategies and strengthen a strong position in the Drone Logistics & Transportation industry.
  • It gives a complete mapping of the behaviors of Drone Logistics & Transportation market contributors and the vendor landscape. Existing companies could use the report to prepare themselves well to face future market challenges and strongly compete in the global Drone Logistics & Transportation market.
  • Also, the analysts have provided a thorough assessment of the impact of these strategies on Drone Logistics & Transportation market growth and competition and many more
  • A competitive portfolio of Drone Logistics & Transportation market in the different regions including their growth factors, pitfall challenges, investment structure, advancement in all aspects, customer base etc.
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On the basis of drone type, the freight drone segment is leading the Europe drone logistics & transportation market. However, the ambulance drone segment are anticipated to grow at a highest CAGR followed by passenger drones and freight drones. Freight drone are used to deliver medical products such as transportation of human blood and medications. These drones are equipped with required systems used to keep the medical products safe including proper temperature to ensure products are viable for the diagnostic analysis. Drones used to transport medical products are the future to save life of needy people. Doctors, surgeons, nurses, blood bank operators, and many other nursing professionals and healthcare facilities are seeking forward to come across drone-based services in many of the settings. In this respect, many companies are making proposals to supply medical products to the remote areas. Medical drones are efficient to make urgent delivery of medical supplies to the hospitals in around 15 minutes. Currently, the market players are looking ahead to support drone logistics & transportation industry by innovating advanced drones.

Some of the Highlights about Table of Content of Drone Logistics & Transportation Market

1 Drone Logistics & Transportation Market overview

  • Market Introduction
  • Research Objectives
  • Years Considered
  • Drone Logistics & Transportation Market Research Methodology
  • Economic Indicators
  • Currency Considered

2 Executive Summary

  • World Market Overview
  • Global Drone Logistics & Transportation Consumption analysis and forecast
  • Drone Logistics & Transportation Consumption CAGR by Region

3 Market Drivers, Challenges and Trends

  • Drone Logistics & Transportation Market Drivers and Impact
  • Growing Demand from Key Regions
  • Growing Demand from Key Applications and Potential Industries
  • Market Challenges and Impact
  • Drone Logistics & Transportation Market Trends
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4 Marketing, Distributors and Customer

  • Sales Channel
  • Direct Channels
  • Indirect Channels

5 Key Players Analysis

  • Company Details
  • Main Business Overview
  • Product Benchmarking
  • Recent Developments and Technological Advancement in Drone Logistics & Transportation Market

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