Draft science, tech innovation policy proposes developing benchmark for ‘ease of doing research’

In this news, we discuss the Draft science, tech innovation policy proposes developing benchmark for ‘ease of doing research’.

According to the Science project Technology Innovation policy, 2020.

He indicated that in addition to the main research activity, researchers must also devote a considerable amount of their time and resources to administrative activities. related to projects.

The payment walls of newspapers and the lack of data and knowledge sharing further hamper their ability to conduct research freely and easily.

“Benchmarks to ‘facilitate research’ will be developed so that research activities are adequately funded, less bureaucratic and accountability is two-way, ie donor and recipient,” declares the policy.

“To reduce the administrative burden on researchers, digital platforms and e-governance will be used for grant management – all activities ranging from awarding, funding and using grants to measuring the results of grants. research, ”he says.

International best practices in grant management will also be explored, according to the document.

In addition, access and sharing of knowledge and resources will be enhanced through the use of online platforms implementing open data and open access policies, and by enabling access to journals and to databases, country projects.

He further states that the focus will be on connecting the ecosystems of invention and innovation.

“The weaknesses of the invention and innovation ecosystem will be identified to bring research to the market and into the community. Knowledge from the invention system and knowledge from the innovation ecosystem are needed to achieve the goal of a vibrant research and development ecosystem in India, ”he adds.

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The Department of Science and Technology (DST), together with the Office of the Senior Scientific Advisor, began the process of formulating the STIP, 2020, last year. The policy was due to be released by the end of the year, but has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The STIP project was downloaded by the DST on its site Web and also requested suggestions, contributions and comments before January 25 to make changes.

News Highlights:

A scientific and technological innovation policy project proposes to develop a reference for the “ research facility ”

The focus will be on connecting invention and innovation ecosystems


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