DoorDash now offers Best Buy tech products for delivery through marketplace

Best Buy, which already has a similar arrangement with Instacart, is the “first national consumer electronics retailer” to join DoorDash, which is particularly notable after the delivery service’s arrangement with Walmart ended last year.

Although many holiday shoppers choose Amazon as their main destination, DoorDash could get products to your door in “under an hour, on average” by picking up from any one of Best Buy’s 900 stores in the US. There are some limitations on sizes that will cut out the largest TVs and heavy appliances, and even including a tip might not help make a 50-inch TV fit into a gig worker’s vehicle, so choose wisely.

Thankfully, DoorDash claims the products are set at “in-store prices.” Same-day deliveries through DoorDash can also work out great for people on a tight schedule who need to wrap gifts, set up the Christmas tree, and get stocking stuffers this week before December is in full swing.

As an incentive, DoorDash is offering $15 off Best Buy orders made from now through December 5th using code “BEST15.” Meanwhile, paid DashPass subscribers can instead get $25 off by using code “BEST25” and get free delivery on “eligible” Best Buy orders — although that doesn’t mean you aren’t paying fees or skipping on gratuity.

DoorDash isn’t the first delivery company Best Buy has worked with for on-demand deliveries. Best Buy has previously worked with Shipt for same-day deliveries offered to Totaltech members, although communication between customers and couriers was poor, as explained in this Reddit thread — and I’ve personally dealt with a lost package this way as well.

Update November 29th, 2023 10:00AM ET: Noted that DoorDash prices are the same as in-store.


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