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Dogpile search engine review | TechRadar

Dogpile is a cutesy, illustrated search engine that compiles results from other search engines, like Google and Yahoo. According to the website, it gathers results from multiple search engines, figures out the ones that are most relevant to your search, and then gets rid of duplicates before showing you your options. 

The idea here is that you’ll get more targeted results for your search faster than if you were to use another search engine. The name “dogpile” is actually a rugby term, despite the brand’s dog illustrations (that’s Arfie the mascot, by the way), which refers to players piling on top of one another. The branding here is muddled, as the name is in reference to a sport, but the illustrations and “Go Fetch!” search button are animal-related … but we can move past that.

Favorite Fetches

Dogpile shows popular search results as users’ Favorite Fetches (Image credit: Dogpile)



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