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Los Angeles — It ended with a big inning.

The Dodgers beat their opponents 10-0 in their first inning during nine consecutive victories, scoring first in seven of the nine games. However, the New York Mets gave Dodgers starter David Price three runs in his first inning, defeating the Dodgers 7-2 and winning his first defeat in Philadelphia since August 12. ..

The Dodgers dragged in a total of half innings last week, but didn’t catch up after Mets’ head start Sunday.

“We play good baseball,” AJ Pollock said exactly — the Dodgers have won 13 of the last 15 times. We didn’t play badly, but obviously we didn’t come in and take care of the business. Just go back to it and keep the train running. ”

Meanwhile, in Auckland, the Giants haven’t run out of the magical pixie dust they sprinkled during the season. They became the first team in MLB history to lead a series of games by hitting home runs after the 8th inning from behind. As a result of Sunday, the Dodgers’ 21/2 game returned to the NL West after defeating A 2-1.

“I wasn’t really aware at that point, but obviously after the fact I understand what happened,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. “As I always say, we still have to take care of the business and win the ball game. Our destiny is still in our own hands.”

The Dodgers took the problem in their hands in two important ways during the winning streak. Score first and shut down the opposing team in critical situations. The Dodgers pitcher had a batting average of .059 (4 for 68) against the scoring runners in the previous nine games. However, Mets hit two hits in the first inning, doubling the number of runners in the scoring position and the previous RBI.

Price walked through the breakthrough and gave up those three hits to the next five batters. Javier Baez, a new return from the injured list, doubled the RBI, after which JD Davis and Jonathan Villar ran in a single RBI.

Price then corrected the ship, retiring 10 of the last 11 batters he faced in four innings and not allowing the next hit.

“It’s never a good thing to lead the game on a walk,” Price said. “When I started the game that way … that’s how I scored the run. I was injured in the Baez change-up. Backdoor cutter by JD Davis. He hit it through the four holes on the right. Then I Made a good pitch for Biller, with weak contact he found some grass in the outfield. ”

Playing from behind, unfamiliar these days, the Dodgers did almost nothing up to four times against the Mets starter Marcus Stroman. Corey Seager and Chris Taylor’s singles (a smashing ground ball that left Davis almost scratched at the exit on third base) and Pollock’s walk loaded the base with two outs.

Cody Bellinger ripped the single into the light field and drove in two runs. However, with a pinch hitter Billy McKinney’s batting, Bellinger took off what looked like a late double steal. However, Pollock never moved from third base, and Bellinger was immediately tagged out in the rundown when he held up between first and second base.

Roberts accused the Dodgers of missing a sign that prevented them from having a chance to pull the match apart.

“That was a misunderstanding on my part,” he said. “I felt Cody had a good opportunity to steal. He ended up thinking it was a straight stolen base and would go on forever, whereas it was a” stolen base. ”

“I own it. It was a misunderstanding on my part.”

After that, the Dodgers made another hit. This was the 7th Pollock one-out double and was meaningless. Fifteen of the last 16 Dodgers were retired by Straumann and the Mets bullpen.

“Strawman is tough,” Pollock said. “He was there, making a good pitch and fighting. He’s just a grinder. He could have had a better turn at bat in some important places. It just didn’t happen today. is.”

Mets helped the Dodgers stay close to the sixth inning. After placing runners in 2nd and 3rd place without an out against Brusdar Graterol, Jonathan Villar went on strike and Kevin Pillar bounced out on the plate with the infield in.

The Dodgers then deliberately walked the eighth batter Patrick Mazeika, loading a walk with two outs, forcing Mets manager Luis Rojas to make a choice. He made a terrible choice and sent Straumann to the hit instead of a pinch hitter.

Straumann (throwing another inning) bounced weakly against Graterol, and Mets got nothing from the inning.

However, Mets expanded his lead to seven innings. After Dodgers relief player Phil Bickford retired the first two batters, he gave up the double to Javier Baez, grooved the opening fastball to Davis, and Davis for a two-run home run. Redirected to the Right Fielder Pavilion.

Shane Greene made his ninth Dodgers debut. It didn’t work.

Faced with five batters, Green retired only one, hit the other two, gave up one, and walked the man with the base. Another run scored before Victor Gonzalez finished the inning.

Dodgers’ winning streak ends with loss to Mets – Press Enterprise Source link Dodgers’ winning streak ends with loss to Mets – Press Enterprise


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