‘DiRT Rally’ Studio Announces ‘EA Sports WRC’, PC VR Support Coming Post-launch – Road to VR

Codemasters, the EA studio behind the DiRT Rally franchise, announced that is next off-road racing title WRC is set to include post-launch VR support for its PC release.

The game is set to land on multiple platforms on November 3rd, including PS 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via the EA App, Epic Store, and Steam, however VR support isn’t planned to be a launch day feature.

It’s not certain when the VR mode is coming to PC, although what is certain: it’s not coming to PSVR 2.

Here’s what WRC’s Steam page says:

“Exclusive to PC. Feel the pure adrenaline of rally from the driver’s seat. Coming Post-launch.”

The studio also released the game’s initial reveal trailer, showing off some of the ability to design and drive your dream rally car thanks to the inclusion of Builder mode.

Codemasters says WRC also lets you “race and overcome recent events alongside real-world highlights and nostalgic throwbacks in Moments mode, or battle the elements across dirt, snow, and asphalt in the pursuit of the perfect run.”

Check out the trailer below:


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