Deadline to complete Wi-Fi speed test is Thursday; will help expand home internet access

Graphic by Owensboro Times

Thursday is the deadline to complete the Kentucky Broadband Speed Test, a project that will gather data needed to expand internet home access for distance learning, telework and telehealth. 

The free, anonymous speed test can be accessed by clicking here, and it takes about 30 seconds complete.

To participate, the device must be connected to a person’s home Wi-Fi service and disconnected from a virtual private network (VPN) that may be connected to a workplace or school. For the most accurate results, ensure that no one else connected to the home internet is using a substantial portion of the internet bandwidth for activities such as streaming video or gaming during the test.

Those without home Wi-Fi access can visit their local library or other locations such as stores or restaurants that offer free internet to submit the address of a home with no available service.

“In addition to finding out their own upload and download speeds, Kentuckians who participate in the speed test will help detect slow spots around the state and where Wi-Fi access and affordability are lacking. The speed test can be done from any device connected to the Wi-Fi signal in your home,” according to a state news release last month.


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