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Dacia Jogger Sleep Pack review: does it work?

► CAR tests Dacia’s Sleep Pack for the Jogger
► In-car bed matches with optional tent
► Is it a comfortable night sleep?

Dacia customers are not all about the five-star VIP luxury experience. So it makes sense that if it’s going to be offering accessories, the brand should tap into their enthusiasm for enjoying the great outdoors on a modest budget.

The Sleep Pack is exclusive to the Jogger, and is part of a set of InNature accessories. Order the Sleep Pack when you’re buying your new Jogger and it’s £1325; as an addition later it will cost you £1566.

When folded away, the Sleep Pack is a well-finished wooden box, weighing about 50kg, that is anchored into the boot space of the Jogger, replacing the third row of seats and taking up most of the car’s luggage-carrying ability (although Dacia also has a very neat roof box in its accessories list).

When you reach your destination, you fold the backs of the rear seats down, and then open the box. You pull out the hinged frame ends and lock them in place with some width-ways slats (pictured above) and unfold the panel that’ll provide the basis for the mattress to rest on.

It’s just about wide enough for two people, but don’t take it for granted that you’ll find the bed comfortable. Sleep on your back? The thin but firm mattress will be fine. Sleep on your side? Get ready for aches and pains in the morning. We also recommend adding the bespoke set of blackout blinds for each of the Jogger’s windows, but that adds another £164 to the total sum.

The natural accompaniment to the Sleep Pack is the purpose-built tent (itself costing another £350 on the options list). It attaches to the back of the Jogger, and provides a sheltered space where you can stand up, after a night with your head just a few inches below the roof of the Jogger.

The instructions for erecting the tent are, unfortunately, rather vague. It unfurls and puts together like a regular poled tent, but attaching it to the Jogger itself is a bit of a ‘fiddle and find out’ endeavour with the straps provided. And the tent’s inner section spans only the central part of what is a massive tent. Best, then, to pack some additional flooring like waterproof picnic blankets.

While the Sleep Pack is considerably cheaper than a caravan, it’s obviously a lot more expensive than using the tent, camp beds and other equipment that in reality many of those outdoorsy and value-conscious Dacia customers already have.

Worth it? After a rather rough night’s sleep, I’m saying no.

Dacia Jogger Sleep Pack: how it works

Unfold the bed
The Sleep Pack is essentially a fold-up double bed slotted in the boot. To use it, fold down the second-row seats, unfurl the bed frame, put the mattress on top.

Attach tent to car
The tent is not part of the Sleep Pack, but is a logical extra buy from the InNature range. With unclear instructions, we improvised and tied it to the wheels and roof rack.

Anchor tent
Secure your shelter with the tent pegs provided. Unlike us, you should remember to bring a mallet. Tent integrates neatly with Jogger to provide shelter and privacy.

Dacia Jogger Sleep Pack: does it work?

Not really. While the kit is impressively well made and, yes, it is cheaper than owning a caravan, it’s expensive for what is essentially a not-very-comfortable bed. Adding on the tent only adds more to the price. You can get universal car-attaching tents, or even more sophisticated standalone ones for a lot less.


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