Cybersecurity Firms AaDya Security and BitLyft Partner to Bolster Services

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Cybersecurity companies AaDya Security and BitLyft are joining forces to offer affordable cybersecurity services to small and medium-sized businesses. // Stock photo

Detroit-based AaDya Security and BitLyft of East Lansing are joining forces to integrate BitLyft’s threat detection and automated remediation offering into AaDya’s Marzo4 all-in-one cybersecurity platform targeted to small and medium-sized businesses.

AaDya launched Marzo4 in June 2020 with a suite of security tools including: single sign on, password management, anti-phishing, and endpoint protection, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence in the form of “Judy.” On the front-end, Judy takes the form of an interactive virtual cybersecurity assistant.

With the integration of BitLyft, AaDya states in can now provide an even higher level of protection and support to their small and medium-sized business customers.

According to The World Bank, SMBs (small- and medium-sized businesses) represent about 90 percent of all companies, and more than 50 percent of employment worldwide. The segment has been hard hit by the pandemic, the move to remote work, and is a growing target of cybercrime.

Additionally, many SMBs are coming under increased pressure from customers and stakeholders to maintain a security posture as strong as their enterprise counterparts, which many lack the resources or expertise needed to achieve.

“I founded AaDya with a mission to put enterprise-level cybersecurity solutions within reach of the SMB customer, but tailored to their specific needs,” says Raffaele Mautone, founder and CEO of AaDya. “There is a real synergy with BitLyft’s philosophy and ours, in that they have a true desire to help these customers in a way that meets them where they are. … That led to some great conversations with their team resulting in a collaboration that will be beneficial for both of our growing companies and our customers.”

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The new platform feature, officially named Judy’s Team Blue, provides an extra layer of protection by giving customers access to a full security operations center trained to detect, respond, and remediate security threats as they occur. AaDya states.

Additional threat intelligence and logging provides a big picture of their system’s data context, and relevant and effective reporting to help them meet compliance and customer security requirements.

The new features, which were rolled out Feb. 1 and are immediately available to both new and existing customers, will be fully integrated into Marzo4’s streamlined platform, and accessed through Marzo4’s interactive dashboard. In addition to threat detection and automated remediation through the BitLyft partnership, users of Marzo4 also will now have access to one-click compliance mapping as part of the suite of security tools.

“It’s a multi-product stack in a single offering,” says Jason Miller, founder and CEO of BitLyft. “We’re doing all the heavy lifting for the client to provide an easy-to-deploy security solution that’s approachable from a price and technology standpoint.

“Historically these products have been hard for IT people to put together. It took a lot of people and resources to manage all the various tools and they didn’t always work well once they were deployed. Between BitLyft and AaDya, we’ve ironed out some of the toughest challenges and issues with this technology to make it a customer-friendly platform that people can utilize for enhanced cybersecurity. It really does put enterprise-grade security in the hands of people who aren’t security or even IT-focused.”

Both companies have received seed funding and support from Red Cedar Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Michigan State University Foundation in East Lansing.

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For more information, email or call 800-918-9113.


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