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Country-wide workshops teach artists about artificial intelligence – Saskatoon

AI Impact Alliance is hosting artificial intelligence (AI) workshops in every province and territory, targeting artists.

AI is a branch of computer science that makes it possible for machines to think like humans. The Art Impact workshops explain the potential of AI in art and other sectors. It dives into the social, economic, political and ethical implications.

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Organizers aren’t just teaching, they’re also learning from the unique perspectives of the artists, who sometimes approach things in a different way than scientists.

“If artists aren’t engaging in this huge topic, then a lot of voices won’t be heard that might inform a more ethical and a more human approach to rolling out this technology,” workshop instructor Jerrold McGrath said in Saskatoon on Thursday.

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With the opportunities in AI, comes some risks. There has been increased concern over surveillance and privacy as AI has advanced. AI Impact Alliance is taking recommendations from artists on how to tackle some of the issues.

“Art can help shape the policies around AI by informing the dialogue and understanding of the different implications,” AI Impact Alliance founder Valentine Goddard said.

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The last workshop will be held in Montreal in April 2020. AI Impact Alliance will publish its findings and will present it at an annual AI social mission conference.

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