Could a Smart Contact Lens Replace Your iPhone?

Could a Smart Contact Lens Replace Your iPhone?

As the world of communication continues to evolve, embracing concepts like wearables and smart speakers, we’re all growing a little more accustomed to the idea of communicating via new objects. While you might still rely on your smartphone or desk phone for a lot of things, you probably feel pretty comfortable calling companies through Alexa or sending texts through your Apple Watch too. The question is, just how ready are you for the next age of communication?

Would you wear an intelligent assistant as a contact lens?

Now that companies from all backgrounds are beginning to reassess what might be possible with the communication landscape, there’s virtually no limit to what you could be using to communicate next. That’s certainly an idea that stands out when you look at the Mojo Lens.

What is the Mojo Contact Lens?

Smart assistants are becoming increasingly common these days. We use them to control our lighting at home, manage our security, and even answer questions in the office. According to a report in 2019, 33% of people say that they use smart assistants regularly. For many of us, the idea of having access to our own virtual assistant at all times is so delightfully convenient that we can’t imagine going back.

However, no matter how much you love Alexa, you probably haven’t considered embedding something similar into your contact lenses – until now. The Mojo Lens is the strangest, but most innovative way to get information on-the-go, without having to look at a single screen. Just as smart speakers and natural language translation replaced typing for many of us, the Mojo Lens aims to replace the very act of looking at your phone.

The Mojo Lens works by giving you timely information on-the-go without disrupting your focus. It can provide you with useful notifications, in-depth insights into your meetings, and more. Because it understands your real-world context, having a Mojo Lens in your eye is like having a kind of X-ray view of the world around you, where you get slightly more info than everyone else.

Cutting Edge? Or Impending Black Mirror Episode?

You’re probably thinking of something similar to the Black Mirror episode “The Entire History of You.” At this point. However, the Mojo Lens isn’t quite that scary. It’s the world’s first introduction to the smart lens, aiming to be as useful as possible, without being disruptive to your day-to-day life. After all, the last thing that you want is a pair of contact lens that clutters your vision when you’re trying to cross the road.

Created by California-based brand, Mojo Vision, the Lens hasn’t received much media attention yet – which is surprising if you consider just how disruptive it can be. However, the problem may be that the lens is still in the middle of being developed. It’s probably a few years away from being debuted to the general public. However, the funding and the technology is already being built to bring this new lens to your eyeballs.

According to the Mojo Vision company, they wanted to create a unique technology that lets people be themselves. Although the lens is intended to be helpful, it also needs to be subtle enough that it doesn’t make you “act weird” according to the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of the business, Mike Wiemer. The lens is discreet and simple, and most of the time, it will keep your vision clear, so that you can focus on the world around you. In fact, the company is even looking into ways to use the contact lens to further enhance the way that we see things.

Looking Forward to the Mojo Lens

Michael Wiemer

Michael Wiemer

The Mojo Lens is intended to be the perfect little helper when you need help remembering where to go for your next appointment, or when you need assistance recalling the sales projections for your big meeting. The idea is that you’ll spend less of your time buried in a screen, and more time actually engaging with the world around you.

Additionally, the extra good news is that the Mojo Lens isn’t going to make you look like some sort of cyborg. The lens will sit on the cornea and feature a miniature embedded display. The display is apparently about the same size as a dot from a pen. It’s also the tiniest and densest display ever made. You’ll only notice that someone is wearing their Mojo Lens when you look at them right in the eye.

So, could this be the next step up from augmented reality tools like the Magic Leap headset or Google Glass? Who knows. It’s not so long ago that talking to a speaker would have seemed strange. Perhaps intelligent contact lenses are the hot trend of tomorrow.



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