Corrupted Lace Engine; Nike’s Self-lace Shoes Are Having Problems : TECH : Business Times

As many would know, Nike released the most advanced kicks. Recently, it has been criticized due to some errors. The internet was blamed with the bug.

On the previous month, Nike began to sell shoes that can lace itself. Just like the famous “Back into the Future Part II” known as the Marty McFly sneakers. The Adapt BB shoes that cost $350 wirelessly connect to a phone. Then, using an APP the user can tighten or loosen it.

As technology is quite advanced today, the 1989 dream has become a reality this year. Reports stated that fresh out from the box, Nike’s shoes recommend a software update, which apparently broke some. It exposed a truth that bears repeating about the future one of all sorts of products. “When something connects to the Internet, you’re not really in control of it,” according to Washington Post. 

Mike who is a sneaker collector from Virginia told Washing Post that his expensive shoes are no longer useful as shoes. The updated software via his Android phone corrupted the lace engine. So, the sneaker could no longer be tightened, even with its manual buttons.

Mike added that “The whole thing is surreal.” He spoke on the condition of nit using his last name. He is also involved in a shoe-reselling business and feared retribution. Thus, Nike said that the problem has only affected a small number of customers. The app’s ratings showed otherwise. It only got a 2,4- star in Google Play Store.

At the shoe’s launch, executives talked about the Adapt BB. In an interview, they mentioned that it is an “intelligent product” or even a communications device.

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Meanwhile, the Legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield said during the panel interview “Many, many years ago, I worked on a movie called Back to the Future and they asked me to design something for the year 2015,” Hatfield I was trying to think 30 years through the future, and I thought that in that future shoes might come alive, sense who you are and become the right shape for your foot.”

In addition, for Hatfield, the newly released shoes are not just about entering the self-lacing technologies to athletes. He also talked about its potential to be useful for people with disabilities and other health conditions, according to Engadget.

As follows, he said that “Parkinson’s, arthritis and other issues that reduce [people’s] dexterity. We’re using this tech to help people who have issues like that. In the future, everybody should have a chance to wear the best product.”



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