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Copysmith Introduces Artificial Intelligence-Powered Copywriting

The cardinal truth in business marketing is that great copywriting makes all the difference. Any young company or startup drafting their first marketing strategies will come to this realization very quickly. This is because written-form content remains one of the top ways marketers promote their brands and businesses. Yet, as integral as it is, coming up with compelling copy is challenging. Copysmith knows this, and works to revolutionize advertising by infusing artificial intelligence with the copywriting process. 

Copysmith, founded by Jasmine Wang, is an AI-based copywriting, content marketing, and digital advertising agency. This start-up strives to make content marketing feel magical for users by introducing AI software that can craft compelling marketing copy. The company’s team includes engineers, researchers, and writers who all have experience in marketing and technology. 

“Whether you’re a bootstrapping start-up or a marketing agency, you know the importance of creating great copy,” shares Jasmine. “We’re seeing an inflection point in the ability of natural language processing to communicate clearly and expressively. We want to make these advancements available to all.” Copysmith helps writers, entrepreneurs, and marketers quickly and effectively jumpstart the copy brainstorming process. 

The AI-generated copywriting process at Copysmith is exceptionally intuitive. Users start by selecting the content type and entering the desired parameters based on the ad they want to run, this includes the company description, targeted keywords, and audience type. The software proceeds by generating and organizing the input content, it then produces a dozen variants for users to choose from according to their preferences. Each variant developed is entirely original, removing any risks of plagiarism. Additionally, the content that Copysmith generates is both tone-sensitive and grammatically accurate, establishing a strong creative foundation with which writers and marketers can decide to elaborate upon or simply adopt. 

One of the more impressive aspects of Copysmith’s AI-based technology is its learning capacity. Through consistent use, Copysmith begins to learn from clients’ interactions with the program. This self-learning feature improves with every new generation by recognizing and imitating the writing style of each user. The SaaS application can create content in various formats, including Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads. Copysmith also engages with the brand and content on a creative level by generating product descriptions, SEO metatags, brand essences, headlines, and blog ideas. Copysmith also looks to develop its artificial intelligence to create more templates like sales emails and blog posts. The service also supports any language with a sufficient online presence.

Many of Copysmith’s early clients offer nothing short of praise for this young company. “Copysmith is amazing,” shared Madelin Woods, founder of Burrito Pop, “In just 15 seconds, Copysmith came up with 10 different headlines, some of them legit made me chuckle. I can’t wait until I can start using Copysmith to start writing my landing pages. Total game changer.” 

Beyond being a functional tool for business owners and marketers everywhere, Copysmith complements other technological applications. Copysmith’s innovative technology can blaze a new trail for other marketing applications, significantly improving the way companies promote their products and services via written content.

More than anything, the team at Copysmith looks to radically change the way companies run marketing activities by democratizing access to high-performing copy. They aspire to turn this start-up into the go-to text engine for companies around the world. The company also hopes to develop partnerships and integrations with other marketing tools like Shopify, Google, Facebook Ads Manager, and WordPress. 

To try out Copysmith for free, visit their website. For updates on new products follow them on Instagram.


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