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Companies to Watch Out for in 2022

Companies to Watch Out for in 2022

While some companies are dealing in losses, some are showing tremendous growth in 2021 and are expected to carry on their merry ways in 2022 as well. Here in this article, we are going to mention some UK based companies that are expected to do extremely well in 2022 and will be the ones on which the investors and stock buyers would love to keep an eye. So, without further ado, let’s jump right on our list of assuring companies. 

XP Power 

The leading bet, according to us, should be for this company. Whilst the global economy is recovering after the pandemic, this company offers great vows for investments in green power transition. 

This company manufactures AC-DC power appliances, AC-DC converters, and power transformers. With the upliftment of the global industrial market, the demand for power converters will be high. However, the trouble is that this company has to go through a lot of competition in the market. 


Whitbread has tremendous prospects of growth in 2022 and beyond. In the current year, their company has shown a good rise in home soil, but it is expected that in the upcoming years, based on their positive demands, this company will seek better market opportunities in Germany, France, and other European nations as well. 

The risk factor with this company is the pandemic for sure with its new variants. Stocks may face a hold back for this particular reason.


Stocks can be valuable for Volex in 2022 which you can check at top index UK funds. It is one of the AIM-listed companies which manufactures various electrical goods such as cables and cords. The goods have a steady demand all over the UK industrial circuit. 

The company is showing 210% growth since 3rd October 2021 in their business especially due to their fixed demand in the electrical vehicle (EV) market. 


You can’t talk about British companies without mentioning Rolls-Royce. That is the legacy of this car brand. You might already know that Rolls-Royce makes luxury cars. Without the global economy in their speedy convalescent stage, the demand for luxury cars, especially Rolls-Royce may shoot up in 2022. 

The company has also earned government backing for their nuc-reactor projects as well. The risk with this company is that it may not hold on with the global market if airlines keep on being sedentary. 


In the UK Safestore as a company has enjoyed a steady demand in 2021 of nearly 19% growth. But, considering the US market, there are still positive chances for this company to grow even further in 2022. 

Safestore has been valued inaccurately in 2021 and after the new market valuation the value of their shares will rise. 


So, these were a few of the UK based companies that have full prospects to show extraordinary growth in 2022 and beyond. Investors, stockbrokers, and stock buyers would love to pay extra attention to them. However, these are not all. There are many other companies too which can show some significantly encouraging results but we tried to pick some of the best out of them.  

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