Colle McVoy Picked to Lead Creative and Media for American Signature Furniture

Colle McVoy is continuing its winning streak, having been chosen by furniture company American Signature, Inc. to lead its brand strategy, media, creative and design efforts.

American Signature, Inc. is considered among the top 15 furniture retailers in the U.S., according to Furniture Today, with around $1 billion in revenue. Since its founding in 1948, the privately owned and family-led business, based in Ohio, has grown to over 120 stores under the names American Signature Furniture and Value City Furniture.

But the company needed to stand out more in a highly competitive furniture market, one that has seen a cooling demand after pandemic sales surges and a challenging housing market due to rising rates, in addition to consumer demand for eco-conscious products.

“It’s time we move beyond being a best-kept secret for our value and assortment—and so we’re joining forces with Colle McVoy to spread the word and showcase our strengths,” said American Signature, Inc. CMO Kelly Routhier in a statement.

Colle McVoy made its case to the company in two separate pitches and won both for strategy and creative as well as media duties.

The first leg of the pitch began with informal meetings in October of 2023 that were followed by store immersion sessions. Rather than presenting extensive capabilities, Colle McVoy was asked to do competitive audits and work through a set of identified business opportunities in real time with various stakeholders.

A unique pitch process

Colle McVoy president, Jessica Henrichs, said that American Signature initially reached out to the agency to learn more about them before the pitch process, and Henrichs talked directly to the CFO and COO in what she called a “candid and transparent” conversation.

“Our Northstar at Colle McVoy is really about building enduring relationships. So, through this informal conversation, it just felt right to suggest that the best way they get to know us was to get on a plane and come here,” Henrichs told ADWEEK.

That meeting between the two Midwest companies proved fruitful, and Colle McVoy returned the favor by going to Ohio from Minneapolis and learning more about American Signature and its family-run operation.

“They let us into the stores and the operations in a way that most don’t get to experience unless they’ve won the business,” said Henrichs.

That led to a scoping workshop and a meeting with new CMO Routhier, who had recently come to the company from years at Victoria’s Secret, Old Navy and Ralph Lauren.

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