Coda mobile game publishing platform raises $4 million in seed funding

Coda is a new game-publishing platform that’s promising to make it easier to unlock the creativity of mobile game developers. And now the company is getting an influx of cash to grow that business. Today, Coda announced it has raised $4 million from gaming-focused investment firm London Venture Partners.

With this money, Coda plans to expand its team to help build new features for its tools. LVP general partner David Lau-Kee will also join Coda’s board of directors. Lau-Kee and LVP will also provide insight and guidance using its understanding of the video games market.

“Coda’s mission is to empower game makers around the world to make a living doing what they love—making games,” Coda chief executive officer Sekip Can Gokalp said. “We couldn’t be happier to have LVP’s support and sector expertise to help make Coda the essential platform for developers and players of mobile game.”

Coda is the exact kind of tool that still draws interest from early investors like LVP. It is a suite of tools that simplifies the publishing process for mobile games. It also provides detailed analytics to help small game creators better understand the market for their games.

So while mobile gaming is a hit-driven business where it’s hard to predict who will make the next breakout game, Coda is a much safer bet for LVP.

“LVP shares Coda’s vision for supporting an increasingly diverse and global community of developers who are focused on making great casual mobile game experiences,” said Lau-Kee. “The next big game idea could literally come from any corner of the globe, and platforms like Coda will be essential in helping these developers bring their ideas to life and connecting them with players.”

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