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A cluster of flashing lights was video recorded hovering over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Pictures: Reddit/dnyolwaank)

A cluster of lights recorded above Philadelphia in clear blue skies have sparked rumors of UFOs hovering and merging together.

Several white, flashing dots can be seen high over trees and utility lines in a strange video recorded from a moving car and shared on Reddit on Thursday. The dots seem to flash at times.

‘Oh there they are,’ a person can be heard saying.

‘Oh yeah.’

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The Reddit post, titled ‘Large cluster of lights above Philadelphia’, includes the witness’ description of what was recorded.

‘Just saw a cluster of multicolored lights flying very high above Philadelphia. They seemed to be combining with one another, spinning, and darting back and forth,’ the post reads.

‘My wife wouldn’t stop driving so it was hard to film them. Apologies for the Hozier.’

The witness goes on to comment that ‘they were blinking in and out, merging with each other, and zigzagging at a high rate of speed’. The witness also seemed to joke, ‘Please blame my wife for not pulling over because she is an alien and she doesn’t want the truth coming out.’

The video of the apparent UFOs was shared on Reddit on Thursday (Picture: Reddit/dnyolwaank)
‘They seemed to be combining with one another, spinning, and darting back and forth,’ the witness wrote. (Picture: Reddit/dnyolwaank)

In addition, the witness opined that the objects were ‘too high to be birds, too active to be balloons’. The witness claimed that the colors quickly changed from white to orange to green and that ‘I’ve never seen so many scattered lights in the sky, let alone move like they did’.

The witness said the observation was made in the Kensington neighborhood but that they were ‘so high’ they could probably be spotted from other parts of the city.

One Reddit user requested that the witness tell his wife to stop driving the next time they spotted UFOs, and another user agreed it would have been a sight if they had paused.

Another Reddit user shared a post from an alleged April 2022 UFO sighting in a rural area of South Africa that seemed to show multiple orbs filling the sky.

The video was recorded from inside a moving vehicle (Picture: Reddit/dnyolwaank)

‘YES! It looked exactly like that,’ the Philadelphia witness replied.

The video emerged days after a former ministry of defense investigator revealed 2018 footage of a ‘jellyfish UFO’ that appeared to fly over a US military base in Iraq.

And on New Year’s Day, a video of a massive police response to a shopping mall in Miami set off a conspiracy theory that 10-foot aliens were roaming the scene.

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