Claire Sharp, Head of Americas at Kaiserwetter

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Claire Sharp, managing director of Americas at Kasierwetter Energy Asset Management, mostly worked in a shared office space in D.C. Now, like many other professionals, she works entirely from home — with a husband, children and dog always nearby.

Based in Germany, the international energy tech company is a service provider focused on helping its customers manage renewable energy assets through the digital integration of processes and data. Most of Sharp’s work is conducted via Zoom these days, though she uses a PC for all work-related tasks while simultaneously conducting some work on her Mac. Sharp said she’s pretty happy with her work-from-home situation, outside of one daily struggle with a housemate.

“Funnily enough, there is a desk my husband and I fight over because it is in a quiet part of the house with a great setup,” Sharp said. “It is next to a window with nice, natural lighting. Also — lighting tip! I’ve also recently discovered that putting a lamp next to the laptop screen helps soften your overall lighting. It’s certainly been interesting learning new video conferencing tips and tricks!”



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