China Working On Tech That Tracks Data Sent Abroad By Cars

China is developing advanced machines that will be able to track data sent overseas by cars driven on its streets.

Cars manufacturers selling their vehicles in China are required to store data generated by vehicles locally and if they intend on exporting critical data abroad, must get regulatory approval. This comes at a time when new vehicles are producing more data than ever before due to the implementation of advanced semi-autonomous driving systems.

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Reuters reports that China Automotive Engineering Research Institute (CAERI) has developed a system that analyzes the path of data transmission through a communication-detection device that monitors uploaded data and data which is gathered from vehicles in a testing environment. This is the first system of its kind in the country and has been tested on vehicles from Tesla, Audi, Daimler, and Land Rover.

The Chinese government has grown increasingly concerned with the amount of data being produced by modern cars and has fears that this information could be misused by private companies. As such, it recently introduced a new security law, and earlier this year, Tesla came under particular scrutiny over its handling and storage of customer data in the country. In fact, staff at some important Chinese government facilities were told not to park their Tesla vehicles inside government compounds due to security concerns related to their exterior cameras.

Further information regarding the machines developed to track data sent abroad haven’t been announced.

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