China to make using real name mandatory to play video games

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Being one of the most important entertainment activities and that generates the most income, it is not for nothing that it is the most coveted market, video games in China have been in the sights of the authorities of that country, especially in terms of content and addictive potential . As a result of this and for many years, the Chinese government has put regulations and since then it has not taken its finger off the line and recently made another decision.

According to reports from and Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, the Chinese government updated the mandate issued in 2007 that mandates that underage players must use their real name and not a nickname in online games to adequately validate the verification process and allow its entry into the system. In this sense, the new order from the authorities in China is that as of September, all video game companies must implement this measure to allow underage players to access their games.

According to the information, the update to the mandate has taken place after the Chinese government detected that some underage players have created false accounts to break security measures, such as time limits to play, so that they will seek an answer according to the situation. Also, there are reports that players have falsified official identifications and even one of them was posing as his father to try to cheat the customer service of a game.

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