Check out these hundreds of iPhone 6 used as decorative tiles for a fence wall (video) [ARTICLE]

Social media users are skeptical about the authenticity of what they see on the fence wall due to the high cost of the Apple handset and the fact that some people would go every length to have one although it is the old fashioned version.

The TikTok video which was posted on social media by Vietnamese user @minhhienapple last week has so far been viewed over 1.7 million times.

According to, it appears the owner of the house displayed in the viral TikTok clip decided that iPhone 6 smartphones were better than regular stone or ceramic decorative tiles, so he used several hundreds of them to beautify his concrete fence.

Some people who have viewed the video claimed that they could be just decorative stickers but some sections of the video show at least a few real iPhones.

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Although the video description is in Vietnamese, and the scenery has a Southeastern-Asia vibe about it, it is far from clear where exactly this home and its flamboyant iPhone 6 fence are located.

A woman and a man believed to be a couple could be seen entering the house.

Watch the video below:


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