Chatting About The Year In Video Games So Far

2020 video games

2020 was always going to be a busy year for video games. It’s easy to forget how much has happened, so to recap, Leah and I are going to be going over the first half of the year.

We’ll be going through the first six months of the year, covering our favourites, the games we held high hopes for, the ones we’d love to return to and everything that’s still sitting on our Pile of Shame. We’ll be chatting live on stream from 2:30PM AEST / 4:30PM NZST / 12.30pm AWST.

There’s also the other elements of 2020 to break down: How the industry has reacted to the coronavirus, the ongoing positioning of the new consoles, the future of physical and digital sales, and what impact the increased visibility gaming has had in a COVID-19 world might have going forward.

We’ll be streaming through our Twitch channel, which you can watch below.

If you want to get any questions in, or talk about your own favourites from this year, feel free to jump into the official Kotaku Australia Discord channel, pop them in the comments below, or just ask live on stream later this afternoon.


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