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ChatGPT users speechless over delays – Computerworld

Similarly, Google’s AI research arm, DeepMind, has been making strides in voice-based AI with its LaMDA language model,.

“Anthropic has joined this year’s intense AI race with models designed to compete head-on with recent announcements from OpenAI and Google,” said Neil Shah, VP for research and partner at Counterpoint Research. “Generative AI is a blue ocean opportunity, and each company, including Anthropic and OpenAI, will need to target specific use cases and segments. Anthropic, for example, is focusing on coding, writing, and workflow optimization.”

Beyond dedicated AI models, large language models such as Bard (Google AI) and Jurassic-1 Jumbo (AI21 Labs) are also constantly evolving, with some incorporating basic functionalities for voice interaction and response generation.


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