ChatGPT Faces Scrutiny Over Dual Security Concerns

Top Tech News: ChatGPT Faces Scrutiny Over Dual Security Concerns

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What’s New Today: Unilever Hiring for an Assistant Procurement Manager

Fast-Track Insights: Hamilton Launches Tokenized US Treasury Bonds on Bitcoin 

OpenAI’s chatGPT faces scrutiny over two major security issues. The initial problem pertains to the Mac application for ChatGPT, identified by engineer Pedro José Pereira Vieito. Vieito uncovered that the application was keeping user chats in clear text instead of securing them.

This finding stood out because the application is not listed on the App Store, meaning it fails to meet Apple’s sandboxing standards. The second security issue is from 2023 and involves a breach by a hacker into OpenAI’s internal communication networks, revealing weaknesses that might be used by foreign enemies.

Sandboxing is a security technique that protects an application from vulnerabilities in one application from spreading to others. Keeping files at the local level in their unencrypted form is a major hazard because it makes it simple for other applications or malicious software to gain access to the data.

Unilever is seeking a seasoned Assistant Procurement Manager for their Mumbai office. This role will be visible to other managers in the company particularly those in Logistics Operations and Finance and other key areas of supply chain. The duties of the candidate will include developing and implementing a work schedule, objectives, initiatives, and processes in relation to the large picture of the global procurement and logistics agenda. 

The individual needs to recognize, introduce and sustain first-degree interactions with the internal stakeholders, teams or departments to foster a change of conduct that is positive to the procurement practice in relation to business projects goal to supportdelivery of the approved sourcing strategies.

The applicant is expected to identify the internal needs of the company that can be used to guide data collected and processed results. The applicant will also need to gain and strive to implement supply market knowledge which includes the knowledge of the suppliers, prices, costing factors and acquisitions/ divestitures. The candidate is required to develop suitable sourcing strategies.

The applicant will then need to implement these strategies, which includes the process of tendering, analysis, selection, negotiation with suppliers, and the creation and execution of legal agreements and contracts, including confidentiality agreements, ensuring that all activities are carried out in line with Unilever’s ethical business standards and corporate social responsibility obligations.

In today’s rapidly evolving job market, navigating career choices can be daunting. Traditional career counseling, while beneficial, often struggles to keep pace with the dynamic shifts in industry demands and individual aspirations. Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI), a powerful tool transforming the landscape of career counseling.

Hamilton has introduced tokenized U.S. Treasury bonds on Bitcoin’s second-layer blockchains. The extensible ecosystem of Hamilton’s stablecoin will include a flagship application specifically for the United States T-Bills known as HUST, which will be usable through Stacks, Core, and BoB (Build on Bitcoin) solutions. The fact regarding the initial exchange of HUST was carried out on July 4; this has been affirmed by HUST.

The integration of Bitcoin’s second-layer decentralized finance platforms merges the security of the Bitcoin network with the dependability of the U.S. dollar, the firm explained. These Bitcoin’s second-layer solutions improve the network’s capacity and capabilities.

Tokenized tangible assets (RWAs), like T-Bills, real estate, securities, and similar financial tools, can participate in the Web3 economy by being exchanged, transferred, and utilized.


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