CES 2021 is over. Here are 3 things we learned

Brett Molina

Welcome back, Talking Tech readers! This is co-host Brett Molina here to bring you the latest headlines in tech.

It’s January, which means CES season. The tech bonanza, known previously as the Consumer Electronics Show, provided glimpses into the future of tech, both immediate and way down the road (sorry, no flying cars this year).

Now that the robots have powered down and CES wraps up another year, here’s a look at three things we learned:

1. Making you more comfortable at home

As you recall, CES was all virtual this year, thanks to the pandemic. With tech makers well aware of the amount of time you spend at home, there were plenty of products aimed at making you comfortable. Can’t go to the movies? Consider the wide selection of TVs that seem to grow larger by the day for your own personal home theater. Need help keeping your home in order? Here’s a handy robot capable of loading the dishwasher and letting you kick your feet up as they pour a glass of wine (or beer or other beverage of your choice). 

2. Tech to keep you safe, too

We live in an era with smart toothbrushes, so it’s no surprise CES would deliver a way to smarten up the masks we wear amid the pandemic. For example, the AirLoop featured a sensor measuring the air around you and your breathing rate. Another mask, the Maskfone, combines a mask with wireless buds. But it goes beyond what you wear on your face. There are backpacks to help ward off germs and robots roaming indoor spaces zapping pollutants in the air with ultraviolet light.

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3. Hands off this tech

In this age when we worry about germs, what better tech than the touchless variety? Companies like Kohler and Moen unveiled various touchless products including a faucet with a pre-programmed hand-washing feature to ensure you are keeping those hands clean. 

If you need more CES news, our colleagues at have you covered. If you’re ready to move on though:

Other tech news this week:

Here’s comes a new challenger, iPhone 12! Samsung announced the Galaxy S21, along with the S21+ (larger screen) and S21 Ultra (five cameras). They launch Jan. 29.

• Following the Capitol riot, social media sites have cracked down on accounts linked to QAnon. As a result, Republican lawmakers lost thousands of followers on Twitter, according to a USA TODAY analysis.

• Attention, Ring doorbell owners: a security flaw with the Neighbors app exposed users’ home addresses and their locations.

This week’s Talking Tech podcasts

Lots of CES and lots of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Co-host Mike Snider and I discussed robots, COVID tech and TVs. Plus, tune in this weekend to hear about the CES gadgets we’d actually buy, and the weirdest stuff at this year’s show. 

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