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Carv Digital Ski Coach review

Ideal ski holiday: full-day skiing followed by après

While I too like the après scene, when I go skiing, my priority is to get on the slopes as early as possible. I have been skiing for most of my life and spent an entire season in the Alps 10 years ago. My technique is far from perfect, but I feel confident skiing down any run and adventuring off-piste. When I first heard of Carv, I was sceptical – surely, it’s not made for someone like me who’s a seasoned veteran?

However, from the first run I used Carv, I realised I was wrong. As I stopped, Carv reached out my Ski IQ: 118 – far from the 160 of Janus Hecht at the top of the leaderboard. From that second, I was determined to get my Ski IQ as high as possible. And Carv told me exactly what I needed to do to do so.

My area of focus was Edge Similarity. When on the chair lift, a voice explained to me what this meant, and how I could improve. There are different modes to train, monitor and challenge this skill, all of which I utilised to improve my skiing. And it worked. By day two, my Ski IQ had improved to 134.

Not only did Carv improve my skiing, but it also added an extra element of fun to the trip. Conditions weren’t great on the second day, and while in the past I would have been tempted to go inside and have a hot chocolate (or beer), I wanted to stay out to see how high up the leaderboard I could get.

As someone who would never spend money on a ski instructor, Carv has been a game changer. I figured the level I’m at now is the level I’ll stay at. But after just two days of using Carv, I can’t wait to get back on the slopes and keep improving my technique (and of course getting a higher Ski IQ and rising up the leaderboard).


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