Capcom Brings Years of Killer Video Game Songs To Spotify

Capcom is responsible for one of the most diverse arrays of classic and modern gaming franchises this side of Nintendo. There’s a reason they can fill up half of the roster of a fighting game with characters iconic enough to take on Marvel superheroes. Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Monster Hunter each on their own would be enough to make a studio. Capcom has all of them plus more, including a different great zombie series!

A key part of Capcom’s rich gaming history is its catalog of killer songs, from lush orchestration to crunchy chip tunes. And you can now enjoy those classic Capcom video game songs on Spotify.

Recently Capcom Sound Team uploaded dozens of albums, hundreds of songs, to stream from Spotify. We don’t know what caused this. An anniversary or special event to celebrate? Perhaps this ties into the upcoming Devil May Cry V and its theme song? But whatever the reason is, even if there’s none at all, we aren’t complaining. Quite the opposite.

The beefy soundtrack library gives Capcom audiophiles, and fans of gaming music in general, hours upon hours of material to listen to. The titles are in Japanese but the logos should give you enough clues what you are about to hear. Enjoy legendary themes and cool remixes from Street Fighter and Mega Man. Get in the legal spirit with Phoenix Wright albums. Weep like the first time you heard “Reset” over the end of Okami. If you dig new and vintage music from Monster Hunter or Breath of Fire or Devil May Cry or even E.X. Troopers hop over to Spotify to make your day.

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Apparently Capcom Sound Team has put music on Spotify before (although not to this extent) only to later to take it down. So enjoy this treasure trove of tunes while you can. For more on video game music check out our favorite gaming bands and listen to the absolute bangers that make up the Splatoon 2 soundtrack.



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