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Canon 10x42L IS WP binoculars review: Unique and unsurpassed image stabilizer tech

If binoculars are so good then why does everything you ever look at through them bounce up and down, shake and generally refuse to stay still? Not so the Canon 10x42L IS WP binoculars. That shake is partly your fault because you’re human, you’re hot and you cannot stay still. Cue the Canon 10x42L IS WP, a pair of binoculars with built-in image stabilization that gives you a super-steady view of everything you look at – and some incredible optics. 

Like many pairs of binoculars the Canon 10x42L IS WP have been available for some time. First launched in 2014, still widely available and at the top of Canon’s range, they currently sell for US$1,500/UK£2,000/AUS$$2,100, so they come at a high price. They’re also heavy and they use batteries that frequently run down, but despite this, they’re still some of the best binoculars for stargazers and birdwatchers. Here’s why.

Canon 10x42L IS WP binoculars review: Performance and features


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