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Canada’s government gives a Carte Blanche to the privacy commissioner | The Guardian Nigeria News

Canada is actively trying to change their current policies when it comes to data breaches and privacy. The Office of Privacy Commissioner is the government body leading the charge. Results and debates are underway.

Why the privacy commissioner gets so much freedom from the government?
Canada is taking its privacy law seriously, and it is implementing significant changes to data protection. This policy shift has been coming for some time, and because of the multiple requests of the privacy commissioner, it is now gaining traction. The privacy commissioner is the person who has championed stricter laws to privacy matters for Canadians. They also want a complete “modernization” of laws that involve privacy. Reform is the only way Canadians can continue to trust their government.

The Privacy Commissioner gets so much freedom is the government because they are advocating better policies when it comes to privacy laws and consequences to companies because of data breaches. It is their advocation that has finally brought change to the privacy law. 

The first step – Modernization of privacy rights through digital platforms
The privacy commissioner decided to take a look at the online gaming sector. Privacy is a very important factor when it comes to gaming. Canada’s online casinos protect the privacy rights of each gamer, no matter they are local or international. The latest technologies give online casinos the chance to store the information in the most secure way. There are still questions that the privacy commissioner has. Online gambling is the biggest sector in Canada after social networks. Canada’s government gave the green light to local entities to offer a wide range of casino games. That was the main reason why Canadian online casinos reached the top of the worldwide rankings as the platforms have attracted the attention of international gamers. Although the systems storing information of each gamer is very solid and secure, the privacy commissioner is not impressed. There have been few cases last year when gamers have lost their accounts or funds through online platforms because of hackers. The privacy commissioner wants to control the privacy issues through all casino websites from 2020 and make sure that there won’t be potential cases of identity theft or stealing funds. 

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What can the privacy commissioner decade under new rules?
The Privacy Commissioner of Canada is carrying out changes in the business sector and the privacy law of Canada. They will start looking to monitor and regulate AI technology, which has been a booming industry in Canada for several years. Under the new rules and policies, Ai will be used to create a system that is focused on human rights surrounding privacy and a thoroughly unbiased legal process when someone is placed under arrest.

The new policies will override PIPEDA, which is Canda’s current laws and policies regarding privacy. When it comes to these new policies, accountability and trust are meant to increase. Ai will be at the forefront of these policies. The Privacy Commissioner welcomes all feedback. This will sure to add the voices of those not in government but are in the data industry.

Canada’s fintech ecosystem can benefit from enhanced rights of the privacy commissioner
The Privacy Commissioner is determined to revamp the old law surrounding privacy and data. With the creation of PIPEDA, AI will be used to bring changes to Canada’s business sector privacy laws. AIs will also be used to create a transparent legal system for those in the legal industry and the digital economy. These new rules will also govern innovation in the digital sector. An industry based on trust is good; an industry that has implemented a series of policies and laws to protect data has a solid foundation that will allow it to flourish and keep it together when something goes wrong. Stakeholders are free to add their opinions if they wish to, but the cutoff day is March 13th.

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