Can Netflix Succeed in Video Games?

Jeremy Bowman: Then the other big news that came out yesterday was that Netflix is ​​entering the video game.They had some large employment from EA When FacebookOculus division. I think this may indicate that video streaming, shows and movies are mature, but the company has a lot of options and is curious about what’s going on with video games. I have. They have a subscriber base of over 200 million worldwide, which is truly unmatched by any other streaming company, and I think advertising is definitely an option in the future. There are different types of content that they haven’t incorporated, such as news and sports. Probably more interactive. I think it’s a good sign that they’re participating in video games, but I’m definitely curious about what management thinks about the third quarter. As I said before, their second quarter is probably a bit weak, but I think it will be in the long run. CEO Reed Hastings is good at predicting the future of television and I think they are still leaders. They are the best bet in the streaming sector.

Brian Wizards: Yes. Jeremy, I’m glad you told me about video games. I’ve always thought it should be an element Netflix has the right to play, but I feel like it’s ten years behind.

Bowman: That may be true. I think it depends on what happens. But I think we underestimate Netflix’s customer base as a platform for launching new businesses. I know Disney tried this before, but it didn’t work, so it may not work, but at least if it doesn’t, I’m certainly grateful for the effort.

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Wither: absolutely.

Brian Ferroldi: How do they do it? Will it look like Twitch? Are they going to have people they are going to pay for? If you need to make input to play a video game, it’s a big challenge and will be streamed.

Bowman: Yes.

Ferrordi: Just think about it, Google Stadia knows everything went wrong, so it’s interesting to see what angle they are taking.


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