Can eSports Betting Save the Summer?

Can eSports Betting Save the Summer?

The coronavirus outbreak has decimated sport around the world and there appears to be no date coming soon for when it can all resume. We may see small resumptions in different areas of the world, but nothing in full for many months.

With that, we have a void to fill and there have been two different things that have so far stepped up to fill it.

Virtual sports have seen a rise in the number taking part, with plenty of people betting on them and new events created so that bookmakers have something to show.

The second is eSports, which are currently all being played remotely away from the gaming arena. These are giving us the only type of real-life sport we have at the moment, and they could save the summer.

eSports Gaining Attention from New Fans

The sporting world is currently counting the cost of the coronavirus, but eSports are seeing a rise in the number of new fans watching the action.

These are people that would normally find themselves watching live football, or some kind of other sport but instead are turning to eSports as their new fix.

This could be the many Fifa 20 tournaments that have been created due to no football or a traditional eSports betting game like Dota 2 or CS:GO.

The reasons for people watching won’t really matter too much to those in charge who are benefiting from this at the moment.

The key for them is that new eSports fans are potentially being made this year due to what is happening in the world. The next step for them is to keep these fans interested in the foreseeable future.

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Bookmakers Offering as Much Betting as Possible

If you log onto a bookmakers website then you will see that they have little to choose from. However, the events that are taking place are getting extra attention.

In the case of eSports, this means events with betting that wouldn’t normally be covered, and many new ways in which you can bet.

Whether you are new to eSports or big fan for years, having better choice for placing your bets is a good thing.

You can find a list of eSports betting offers for games like CS:GO & Dota 2 online, and these are perfect to use now, giving you a head start with a new betting account.

With bookmakers putting extra focus and attention on eSports betting, there has never been a better time to get involved and place a wager. Those missing sport, will recognise many of the betting markets as the ones they use when betting.

Can eSports Grow in the Future after This?

While eSports is having success right now, the test for those behind this industry will be how they manage this in the future.

Can they hold onto the new fans they have received in 2020, or will they let those fans drift back to other sports and forget about what happened?

The future of eSports would look a lot brighter with more fans joining in and that would probably set the ball rolling for a number of other things.

We could see TV deals agreed with major companies if more people like eSports then there will be a bigger appetite to get it on mainstream TV. We could also see new sponsors join in and create big events with large prize pools.

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This could come from the bookmakers. We often see them supporting sport on a large scale, they have benefited from eSports at this tough time, will they give back some of their profits as sponsorship?

There is a platform there, and it will be interesting to see how those in the eSports industry use it.

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