Brockton Eats with Alisha examines Peruvian restaurants in Brockton

BROCKTON – You don’t have to travel to the lush tropical country of Peru to try their unique cuisine filled with flavors and spices from their region. 

Brockton Eats with Alisha is going to take you on a seasoned adventure on where to find Peruvian restaurants to try in the area. 

Brockton has three places that will satisfy your craving and give you a taste of what’s on the other side of the world. 

These weekly lists of tidbits and food finds are not restaurant reviews, but they go beyond a bare-bones round-up. Staff writer Alisha Saint-Ciel gives tips and takes to help Brockton-area foodies find those mouth-watering hidden gems, old favorites, and exciting new offerings.

On this week’s installment of Brockton Eats with Alisha, we profiled three places in Brockton that sell authentic Peruvian food. You don’t have to travel far for food that reminds you of Peru. The list is not in any particular order. 

Rincon Del Sabor – 330 N Main St., Brockton 

Rincon Del Sabor serves Peru’s vibrant flavors and colors with its breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. The restaurant has meals for every hour of the day. 

Need a good morning pick-me-up? Pork cracklings, fried sweet potatoes, and creole sauce on French bread might be worth trying. Or even the thinly sliced beef steak with onion and tomatoes served on a sandwich.

What about the classic dish ceviche? It’s raw fish marinated in fresh lime juice, served with red onion, roasted corn, and sweet potatoes. 

The seafood menu has over a dozen dishes, ranging from Spanish seabass in fish stew to fried fish with yucca rice and a Peruvian-style paella.

Maybe seafood isn’t your vibe; there are plenty of food items, from fried rice and your choice of protein to stewed chicken and grilled steak served with fried rice, French fries, and fried eggs. 

Let’s not forget the desserts of Peruvian bread pudding, tres leches, crème caramel, and roasted milk custard. 

The Peruvian Place – 55 City Hall Plaza, Brockton

The Peruvian Place, located in downtown Brockton right behind City Hall, has a menu filled with delicious creations with a mixture of classic American and traditional Peruvian dishes.

Some American dishes include a California chicken sandwich, boneless chicken, BLT sandwich, six-ounce Angus bacon cheeseburger, Caesar salad, wings, and a grilled cheese. 

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Customers can enjoy the hearty sides of fried plantains, rice, French fries, yuca, beans, salad, and queso fresco.

For the more traditional side of the menu, it includes dozens of seafood entrees, whole and half-size chicken, soup, salad, cilantro ginger-based rice with rotisserie chicken & Huancaína, grilled tilapia, ginger chicken with fried rice, eggs and scallions, and many more. 

One Google reviewer said the restaurant reminds her of her homeland in Peru. 

“Beautiful place with Peruvian decoration. Their food is authentic Peruvian food!! Everything resembles Peru! Even better than any other fancy restaurant in downtown Boston,” Ligia Winny Puma Pauccar said in a Google review. 

Brockton Roasted Chicken – 235 N Main St., Brockton

Brockton Roasted Chicken is a restaurant that food reviewers say is a “hole in the wall with amazing food.” The roasted chicken is their crowd-pleaser, but they have many things to try.

Drinks and desserts are popular items on the menu, from crema volteada, guayaba, watermelon, and banana smoothies to passionfruit milkshakes. The restaurant wants you to try all the tropical flavors of Peru. 

What’s exciting about the menu is the ability to pick your favorite combo of whole chicken, fries, house salad, and chicken fried rice for $35. 

You can even pile on your favorite sides of fried yuca, plantains, and sweet potatoes. 

Do you have a suggestion for the food series? Email staff reporter Alisha Saint-Ciel at stciela@gannett.com


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