Brockton-area real estate sales for Aug. 7 to 11, 2023

BROCKTON − A house on Tosca Drive sold for $635,000, topping this week’s list of real estate transactions in the city. This “beautifully” updated Colonial is on the Easton line, nestled in a quiet neighborhood, according to the real estate listing.

A Campanelli-style ranch on Lisa Drive sold for $565,000. This oversized-ranch is “sure not to disappoint,” according to the real estate listing. The home boasts four bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, with a primary suite featuring an en-suite bath, two closets ( one is a walk-in closet), a combined kitchen and dining area, family room and laundry room. This property was sold by Alissa Charles, Centre Realty Group.

An Easton home that sold for $1,050,000 is the “epitome of single-level living,” according to the real estate listing.

Here are the property transactions recorded for the week of Aug. 7 to 11, 2023, in the Brockton area, according to The Warren Group.


115 Peregrine Road, Sandra A. Kilgallen RET and Brian P. Kilgallen to Pierce Strain and Rachael Murphy, $530,000, Aug. 10, single family.

255 Summit Road, Brian P. Carroll to William and Molly Vespa, $600,000, Aug. 11, single family.


6 Everett St., Marthe J. Depas and Ernso Josius to Jean Y. and Marie S. Exantus, $537,500, Aug. 8, single family.

6 Ivy Road, Brian and Rebecca Lundgren to Amanda Edwards, $510,000, Aug. 7, single family.

497 E. Main St., Stephen R. and Joylin L. Barry to Siddharth and Sugandha Goel, $585,000, Aug. 7, single family.


Anthony St. Lot 2, Deborah Latamore to Long Bouilt Homes Inc., $125,000, Aug. 9.

612 Berkley St., Haskell Helen N. Est and Gary W. Haskell Sr to Sara Rodriguez and Joseph Sousa, $490,000, Aug. 10, single family.


8 Magnolia Way, Kathleen Magliocca to Andrew S. Plummer and D. Magliocca-Plummer, $700,000, Aug. 10, single family.

6 Stonemore Place, Lehtola Homes Inc. to Brian and Amarilis Mclean, $980,000, Aug. 9.

91 Bedford St., Deborah A. and Thomas G. Dent to Amagdalita Cornely, $550,000, Aug. 9, single family.

65 Whitman St., Lehtola Homes Inc. to Connor and Mallarie Simonds, $670,000, Aug. 11.

188 Union St., Anthony J. and Jordan N. Spitalieri to Rahul P. Kalro and Meagan A. Mycroft, $675,000, Aug. 11, single family.


22 Glendale St., Jackson Durad and Resmini Capital Inv Limited Liability Co. to 22 Glendale Limited Liability Co., $350,000, Aug. 8, single family.

34 Mellen St., Nesly Charmant and Facline Theodore to Agnes Viel, $624,000, Aug. 11, single family.

63 Tosca Drive, Brian E. and Amarilis Mclean to Ernso Josius and Marthe Josius-Depas, $635,000, Aug. 9, single family.

1262 Pleasant St., Drobiak Barbara Joan Est and Christine Ukleja to Brandon and Fredrick E. Conrad, $400,000, Aug. 11, single family.

191 Nilsson St., Antonio Darosa to Joao Vicente and Nilton C. Rodrigues, $551,000, Aug. 10, single family.

57 Ellis St., K. A. Ellington-Robinson to David U. Obazee, $815,500, Aug. 11.

20 Keswick Road, Cruise Property Realty Trust and David J. Cruise to Renan L. and Laura A. Ramos, $325,000, Aug. 9, single family.

300 Pearl St., James F. Derrickson to Parkeuse Jean-Michel and Marc A. Lebrun, $540,000, Aug. 9, single family.

Hollis St., Evelyn G. Savina RET and Evelyn G. Savina to Clm Development Limited Liability Co., $125,000, Aug. 8.

244 Liberty St. Unit 10, J. & E. Liberty St Realty II to 60 Halsey Street Limited Liability Co., $475,000, Aug. 10.

226 Lisa Drive, Charles White Jr. to Douglas R. and Kelsea L. Medeiros, $565,000, Aug. 11, single family.

15 Bangor St., Helen Realty Trust and Donna E. Dzenawagis to Cash Max Properties Limited Liability Co., $230,000, Aug. 8, single family.

59 Banks St., Gabriel E. Volpe to Peterson Fleury, $500,000, Aug. 7.


1 Linbias Path, Bridgestone Dev Inc. to Calvin and Pauline Beads 3rd, $891,000, Aug. 9, single family.

East Bridgewater

1192 Washington St., Roger Whiting to Maroney Bldg & Contractin, $200,000, Aug. 11.


28 Ramblewood Drive, Michael and Amy Toomey to Annette and Waynswprth Barnaby, $1,050,000, Aug. 11, single family.

28 Cornerstone Drive, Leo J. Shea III Easton (irrevocable trust) and Leo J. Shea 3rd to Laura and Mark Catalano, $950,000, Aug. 11, single family.

108 Black Brook Road, Allen and Carolyn Pomroy to Jayson and Rcynaldo G. Fadrigalan, $565,000, Aug. 10, single family.

52 Howard St., Walter Talbot Family Trust and Cheryl Alves to Filipe G. Fernandes and Arthur Depina, $515,000, Aug. 10, single family.

163 Turnpike St., Dnd Investment Limited Liability Co. to Stepen Rice, $645,000, Aug. 10, single family.

155 Turnpike St., Dnd Investment Limited Liability Co. to Stepen Rice, $645,000, Aug. 10.


39 Ocean Ave., Robyn E. Day and Ita C. Lynch to Alexis Macleod, $392,000, Aug. 9, single family.

2 Old Farm Road, Karen and Makenna Hart to Linda M. and David A. Sera, $790,000, Aug. 11, single family.


115 Shingle Mill Lane, Tengstrand Family Trust and Elizabeth A. Tengstrand to Gerard J. and Lynne B. Powers, $830,000, Aug. 11, single family.

79 North St., Antony and Andrea Sheehan to Jimmy Liang, $949,900, Aug. 11, single family.

69 Birch Drive, Barry W. and Dorcas J. Lynn to Robert and Nora Hurstak, $1,150,000, Aug. 7, single family.


185 Phillips St., William M. and Laurie A. Doucette to Gregory W. Hommel Jr., $600,000, Aug. 7, single family.


19 Arbor Road, Vasilios and Cristina Alexopoulos to Andrea Keogh, $359,000, Aug. 8, single family.


7 Adams Ave., Philippe V. and Felicity A. Lopes to Alannah A. Dibona, $630,000, Aug. 9, single family.

51 2nd Brook St., Page Lt and Edward A. Page to Jun Wu, $461,000, Aug. 8, single family.

8 Pine Brook Drive, Jaime L. and Michael C. Brennan to Brett R. and Jennifer Miller, $660,000, Aug. 9, single family.


23 Heritage Hill Drive, Sharlene Begley to Brian and Rebecca Lundgren, $599,900, Aug. 9, single family.

17 Hitching Post Road, Linda & Thomas Connelly T. and Linda S. Connelly to Jonathan R. Keeter, $863,000, Aug. 10, single family.

154 Rhode Island Road, Emery F. Orrall Lt and Emery F. Orrall to Sikorski Realty Limited Liability Co., $150,000, Aug. 7.


340 Mill St., Patricia A. and Philip J. Campanile to James and Susan Porter, $755,000, Aug. 10, single family.

150 Rumford Ave. Unit 16, Conor F. Mcguire to Lindsey E. Dempsey-Mcguire, $270,000, Aug. 7, condo.

1 York Road, Jeffrey J. Batta 2013 T. and Jeffrey B. Batta to Jerome M. and Laryssa Doherty, $899,900, Aug. 8, single family.

69 Spring St., Zachary I. Ambrose to Matthew Reader and Yuliya Vartanova, $630,000, Aug. 11, single family.

15 Plowshare Court, Theresa and Yogen P. Chemburkar to Hicham and Georgina Nouaime, $900,000, Aug. 10, single family.

81 Highland Ave., Rock Hao Limited Liability Co. to Nichaluk Leartprapun and Khoi D. Nguyen, $770,000, Aug. 9, single family.

3 River Edge Road, Jennifer M. and Stephen R. Marciano to Ryan J. and Adna Masciarelli, $900,000, Aug. 11, single family.

6 Gander Lane, Laura C. Catalano to Brendan P. and Emily Barry, $850,000, Aug. 11, single family.

10 Bicentennial Court, Peter True to Amber N. and Nicole Holgate, $278,000, Aug. 10.


673 Wareham St., Gerrity Co. Inc. to S. Coast Logistics Pk Limited Liability Co., $2,150,000, Aug. 7.

182 Wareham St., Keith T. and Kathy Hirtle to Sydney Millette and Dylan Maini, $358,000, Aug. 11, single family.

678 Wareham St., Gerrity Co. Inc. to S. Coast Logistics Pk Limited Liability Co., $2,150,000, Aug. 7, single family.

132 Thomas St., Long Built Homes Inc. to Robert T. and Katherine A. Lynch Jr., $703,470, Aug. 8.

2 Chestnut St., Steven D. Maffeo to Romaine Anderson and Trudi-Ann Dias, $540,000, Aug. 9, single family.

82 Rocky Meadow St., Vito Rullo and Mortgage Assets Mgmt Limited Liability Co. to Flavio Tizon, $332,000, Aug. 11, single family.


10 Fordham Drive, Christina M. and Michael Lacouture to Christopher M. and Susan P. Sullivan, $680,000, Aug. 11, single family.

241 Old Taunton Ave., J&r Enterprises Inc. to Nesly Charmant and Facline Theodore, $799,700, Aug. 11, single family.

11 Crowe Farm Lane, Chad R. and Shawna M. Hawksley to Dulande Florestal and Alfred Morgan, $730,000, Aug. 8, single family.


84 Hazelwood Drive, Alex R. and Heather B. Quintal to Christopher K. Rose, $885,000, Aug. 11, single family.

41 Forest St., Deborah T. Sargent T. and Deborah T. Sargent to Elizabeth J. Demetro and Samuel Delorey, $619,925, Aug. 7, single family.

204 Center St. Unit 5, Meghan Adams to Jamie L. and Clark A. Page, $460,000, Aug. 10, condo.


21 Champlain Circle, Keating Eileen J. Est and Thora Burkhardt to Michael and Deborah L. Fusco, $735,000, Aug. 10, single family.

45 Pembroke Road, Robert F. Alford RET and Paula Stoltz to Raymond and Barbara J. Siegener, $600,000, Aug. 9, single family.

76 Conifer Hl Unit 76, Marjorie H. Chase RET and Marjorie H. Chase to Myrma Moje Asset RET and George Moje, $865,000, Aug. 9, condo.

42 Sandra Way, Timothy R. Serrilla to James F. Keohane, $500,000, Aug. 8, single family.

185 Sandy Beach Road, M. Raymond-Dolitka RET and M. Raymond-Dolitka to Youssef Rouchdy and Hannah L. Bader, $330,000, Aug. 7, single family.

2 Meadowbrook Drive, Whitman Homes Inc. to Mark W. and Karen J. Leavitt, $639,571, Aug. 11.

Sandy Beach Road Lot 254, M. Raymond-Dolitka RET and M. Raymond-Dolitka to Youssef Rouchdy and Hannah L. Bader, $330,000, Aug. 7.

18 Little Micajahs Pond Road, Kercz Family Trust and Michael P. Kercz Jr. to David and Jennifer R. Monfalcone, $275,000, Aug. 7, single family.

45 Fairway Drive Unit 45, Kristen Poulicakos to Kenneth Allman, $100,000, Aug. 7, condo.

88 Benjamins Gate Unit 88, Pamela G. Maybruck RET and Pamela G. Maybruck to Donovan RET and James R. Donovan, $650,000, Aug. 10, condo.

34 Tinkers Blf Unit 34, Ridge Development Limited Liability Co. to Bryan A. and Stacey L. Kaplan, $1,062,949, Aug. 10, condo.

2277 State Road Unit K., Robert W. and Peggy S. Crespo to Cassandra Szekei, $79,000, Aug. 11.

8 Sea Cliff Drive Unit 8, J. M. & Amanda L. Dery Lt and Joseph M. Dery to H-84 Realty Trust and Linda J. Dieter, $775,000, Aug. 11, condo.

7 Russell St. Unit 301, Christopher and Dawn Walsh to Maureen Solari, $799,000, Aug. 11, condo.

84 Seton Highlands Unit 84, Michael L. and Cynthia M. Downs to Brian Freeburg, $969,000, Aug. 10, condo.

4 Powell St., Hastings Paul S. F. Est and Jean M. Trainor to Timothy R. Serrilla, $552,000, Aug. 10, single family.

18 Stone Gate Drive, Inferno Limited Liability Co. to Daniel P. Dimatteo and Signe A. Hardigan, $712,900, Aug. 11.

11 Obery St., Patrick B. and Ashley K. Fogarty to Robert T. Wells, $650,000, Aug. 11, single family.


80 S. Main St., Anne R. Joseph and Daniel Jeannite to John Kombo, $1,020,000, Aug. 11.

78 North St., Gregory Soto and Betsy Nguyen to Richard Nguyen, $255,000, Aug. 9, single family.

23 Mcdonnell Drive, Maureen Zion and Zachary Pinnick to Sindy Matheiu and Dieunel Elie, $530,000, Aug. 8, single family.

227 Oak St., Dreams To Realty Limited Liability Co. to Melvin Mckenzie, $350,000, Aug. 11, single family.

64 Mill St., Islande Louis and First American Natl Limited Liability Co. to 1st American Natl Limited Liability Co., $36,750, Aug. 8, single family.

223 Union St., Bharat P. and Gitaben B. Patel to Ronald Zephir and Yanick Z. Derosier, $540,000, Aug. 7, single family.


456 Broadway, 456 Broadway T. and Donald J. Francis to Cooperative Production In, $489,000, Aug. 10, single family.

570 Elm St. E., Francis J. Mcguirk to Michael S. and Sara Brennan, $200,000, Aug. 10.

480 Britton St., David P. and Ramona M. Mercadante to Sophia and Alexander Santos, $585,000, Aug. 10, single family.

305 Britton St., Byron R. Szymeczko and Elizabeth J. York to Andrew S. Martin and Marissa E. Scopa, $470,000, Aug. 9, single family.

785 Broadway, Stephen N. Smith to Anthony Feliz and Hector J. Fuentes, $689,900, Aug. 9.


140 Rice Ave., Cynthia A. Shemkus to Jessica and Ryan Page, $455,000, Aug. 11, single family.

74 Moncrief Road, Joan M. Sheerin to Michael P. Ash and Michelle Sellon-Ash, $447,000, Aug. 10, single family.

53 Franklin Ave., Leo D. Reardon to Kirkland Shipley and Maia Smidt, $550,000, Aug. 10, single family.


415 Erin Road Unit 415, Olivera Sprung to Sarah K. Fox, $425,000, Aug. 10, condo.

45 Joanne Road, Francisco and Carla Macedo to Millicent James, $679,000, Aug. 9, single family.

93 Pondview Lane, William E. Pennoyer and Brigit Gob to Enanu Dixon, $815,000, Aug. 11, single family.

75 Joanne Road, Walter R. Thomas Jr. Family Trust and Richard A. Neil to Jean Similien, $535,000, Aug. 11, single family.

45 Laurelwood Drive Unit 45, Mayflor C. Flauta to Venice Flauta and Julita Balayo, $360,000, Aug. 11, condo.


53 Plain St., William H. Hausen 3rd to Ryan Gallagher and Leanne Day, $400,000, Aug. 11, single family.

215 High St. Unit 4, Canaan Homes Limited Liability Co. to Guerby Leonce and Vanessa Osirus, $457,500, Aug. 7, condo.

268 Tremont St., Moniz Family Trust and John M. Moniz to James C. Burnett, $499,000, Aug. 10, single family.

469 Middleboro Ave., Agostinho S. and Maryellen Rodirgues to First Landing Invs Limited Liability Co., $275,000, Aug. 11, single family.

579 Bay St., Espd 1 Limited Liability Co. and Specialized Prop Grp Limited Liability Co. to Rehalio Henley, $560,000, Aug. 8.

8 Albro Ave., James P. Young T. and James P. Young to Thomas P. Carey and Emily C. Perry, $466,500, Aug. 8.

15 Aylas Circle, A. L. E. Realty Trust and Antonio S. Bairos to Luke and Kayleigh Correira, $675,000, Aug. 9.

469 Middleboro Ave., 1st Landing Invs Limited Liability Co. to D&s Equity Builders Limited Liability Co., $330,005, Aug. 11, single family.

9 Railroad Ave. Unit A., Jt Builders Limited Liability Co. to Anthony and Helen U. Ogunleye, $460,000, Aug. 11, condo.


5 Dale Ave., 5 Dale Ave Realty Trust and Blue Oak Dev Limited Liability Co. Tr to Wareham Partners Limited Liability Co., $250,000, Aug. 10, single family.

7 N. Water St., Christine S. Munro to Scott T. and Kerrin A. Obrien, $850,000, Aug. 9, single family.

2794 Cranberry Hwy, Worthy Lauren O. Est and Cole E. Worthy 3rd to Timothy Dalton and Marissa L. Ferreira, $293,000, Aug. 7.

18 Bourne Point Road, Pfeiffer Beth K. Est and John B. Foster Jr. to Donna Z. Eden (irrevocable trust) and Michaela C. Muffoletto, $550,000, Aug. 10.

35 Locust St., Doherty Thomas P. Est and Anne V. Doherty to John G. Gaynor, $315,000, Aug. 10, single family.

12 Peaceful Lane, Suzanne Maurici to A. J. Lemovitz-Prunier and Nicole A. Berthiaume, $452,000, Aug. 8, single family.

54 Cromesett Road, Erika Pacheco to David and Madison Kendrick, $485,000, Aug. 10, single family.

2743 Cranberry Hwy Unit 14A, Alice I. Aitchison to David M. Mccarthy T. and David M. Mccarthy, $315,000, Aug. 11, condo.

325 Marion Road, Rose Mabel P. Est and John P. Andrade Jr. to Nicholas Luke and Alanna Rubin, $370,000, Aug. 11, single family.

West Bridgewater

4-6 Metacomet Road Unit 4, Cochesett Developers Inc. to Craig R. and Michelle E. Engerman, $761,949, Aug. 11, condo.

443 S. Main St., Vasapollo 2008 RET and Derek J. Vasapollo to Michael T. Houghton and Caitlin E. Jurnove, $464,900, Aug. 9, single family.

54 Prospect St., 54 Prospect Street Realty Trust and Louise A. Mcdonough to Christina M. and Jesse T. Cox, $600,000, Aug. 11, single family.

70 Ash St., Wells Fargo Bank N. A. to Michael Gautier, $235,000, Aug. 11.


74 Franklin St., Stephen A. and Stacy A. Wiegel to 74 Franklin St Realty Partn, $225,000, Aug. 9.

379 Washington St., Stephen M. and Nancy L. Galewski to Christopher T. Gaunt, $475,000, Aug. 10, single family.

1005 Auburn St. Unit E2, South Abington Invs Limited Liability Co. to Joseph W. Dooley, $434,900, Aug. 11, condo.

1005 Auburn St. Unit E1, South Abington Invs Limited Liability Co. to Michael and Jeong H. Bucceri, $505,900, Aug. 11, condo.

Copyrighted material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Reprinted with permission of publisher, The Warren Group, www.thewarrengroup.com. 


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