Brockton-area real estate sales April 1 to April 5, 2024:

BROCKTON − A new home on Byron Avenue sold for $675,000. This “outstanding” New England Colonial boasts four bedrooms and three full baths and is located on a “quiet residential side street,” according to the real estate listing. This property was sold by Richard Costa, Century 21 North East and Eagle Diversified LLC.

A home on Metacomet Road that sold for $899,000 is located in “West Bridgewater’s newest luxury community,” according to the real estate listing. This new home offers three bedrooms, three baths and over 2,300 square feet.

In Raynham, a house on Orchard Street sold for $665,000. “This custom-designed home is pristine in every way,” and is “loaded with amenities from top to bottom,” according to the real estate listing.

Here are the property transactions recorded for the week of April 1 to April 5, 2024, in the Brockton area, according to The Warren Group.


Union St. (off), United States Of America to James Young Southfield Re, $25,000,000, April 2.

295 Ashland St., Cynthia A. Gordon and Jeffrey J. Gallo to Abington Investments Limited Liability Co., $420,000, April 2, single family.

56 Townsend St. Unit C22, Tmw Properties Limited Liability Co. to Marissa Clark, $257,000, April 1, condo.

57 Bay State Circle, Henrikson Teresa A. Est and Janice T. Mccormack to Michael J. Campbell and Jessica R. Oriola, $500,000, April 5, single family.

128 Catherine Drive, Nichola P. and Diane P. Seremetis to Ronald L. and Donna M. Shea Jr., $720,000, April 4, single family.


658 W. Main St., Centura Bay Limited Liability Co. to Danielle Mcclarity, $585,000, April 3.

55 Fletcher St., Lorraine Griffin to Associate Solutions Limited Liability Co., $280,000, April 1, single family.


5 Cranberry Lane, Joseph G. Dambrosio RET and Heather M. Vasapollo to Adam Tuliano and Pehn Tor-Tuliano, $763,000, April 1, single family.


59 Fremont St., Emmanuel O. and Ragen D. Tiliakos to Feliphi B. Santiago, $560,000, April 1, single family.

15 Heather Lane Unit 15, Cynthia M. Bruce to Tucker Cobis, $342,000, April 2, condo.

147 Forest St., Jeffrey M. and Kristen Sanchez to Gabriela Rodrigues, $465,000, April 2, single family.

127 Main St., 127 Main St Limited Liability Co. to Jason Costello and Joselyn Walker, $750,000, April 2.

35 Dundee Drive, Lorraine Regan to Ralph J. Celestin and Viola Frederique, $525,000, April 1, single family.


380 Forest Ave., Hannon Family Trust and Robert J. Kahler to Willy A. Ruiz, $365,000, April 5, single family.

864 N. Main St., Rosalind Ellerby-Bertho to Lisa M. Houston, $600,000, April 3.

10 Longworth Ave. Unit 7, Emmanuel O. and Ragen D. Tiliakos to Osasoji B. Martins, $190,000, April 5, condo.

157 Short St., Xavier D. Alicea and Elysabeth Oviedo to Hilary Mendes, $505,000, April 5, single family.

321 Copeland St., Fania V. Langrandeur and Pierre Victor to Carmen Vazquez, $429,900, April 4, single family.

103 Candy Lane, Kevin L. and Carolyn J. Dimestico to Angel Pimentel, $580,000, April 4, single family.

18 Byron Ave., Eagle Divesifield Limited Liability Co. to Fania V. Langrandeur and Ryan A. Estil, $675,000, April 4.

52 Miller Ave., Cheryl J. Mahoney and Caryn M. Hampton to Auguste Courtois and Darline Nortelus-Courtois, $476,500, April 5, single family.

685 Oak St. Unit 6-9, Moylan Kathleen E. Est and Maura P. Hershman to Mychal Ferguson, $232,000, April 5, condo.

25 Camden Ave., Haliday Realty Inc. to Frantz and Ruth S. Kenol, $626,138, April 1, single family.

1185 Warren Ave., Mitchell Taylor to Margarida M. Depina, $750,000, April 3.

22 Glendale St., 22 Glendale Limited Liability Co. to Dubertho Augustin, $635,000, April 3, single family.

332 Ash St., Owen C. Lawson to Mona C. Courseillant, $810,000, April 1.

38 Lawn St., Addison Ames Prop Limited Liability Co. to Kenneth A. Harris Jr. and Marilu Gomes, $685,000, April 5.

18 Weston St., John R. Susi to Iland Percois and Chrislor Ridore, $650,000, April 2.

246 Colonel Bell Drive Unit G54, Brian J. Grasseli and Josephine G. Bille to Dennis A. Walford, $215,000, April 1, condo.

194 Menlo St., Silvestre Sivek and Betania A. Almeida to Robert and Gilbert Louis, $599,000, April 3, single family.

61 Ellsworth St., Carmen L. Vazquez to Windy N. Senecharles, $630,000, April 3.

358 Battles St., Tantillo Family Trust and Lisa A. Bushell to Michael and Paul Stewart, $250,000, April 1, single family.

101 Copeland St., Steevan V. Cardoso to Opendoor Property J. Limited Liability Co., $461,300, April 1, single family.

214 W. Elm St. Unit 5, Fleurinette and Amos Alce to Lesly J. and Marie C. Rene Jr., $410,000, April 5, condo.

273 Torrey St., Nicholas Tsarhopoulos and Jonathan J. Davey to Taun Pham, $490,000, April 3.

26 Madrid Sq Unit 12, Dalene Conklin to Rukhsana Smith, $69,548, April 1, condo.


118 S. Meadow Road, Lakeview Loan Servicing L. to Harrison D. and Cheryl A. Piper, $492,802, April 2, single family.

59 Crystal Lake Drive, Mary T. Diperri to Tyler Stevens, $320,000, April 2, single family.

East Bridgewater

686 Elm St., Mary A. Manzo to Arthur and Linda Mclaughlin, $242,500, April 2, single family.

75 Crystal Water Drive Unit 75, Murphy Family Trust and John R. Murphy to Mary J. Curtis, $384,500, April 3, condo.


29 Owl Ridge Road, Kgm Custom Homes Inc. to David R. Mills Const Co. In, $450,000, April 5.

18 Linden St., Dennis M. and Kristina L. Moynihan to Ryan E. and Michaela S. Oshea, $720,000, April 4, single family.

10 Kathleen Grant Road, Stephen C. and Carole Nathan to Craig W. Lindsay and Janet R. Sweeny, $660,000, April 3, single family.

Olde Forge Lane Lot 18, Olde Forge Commons Limited Liability Co. to Taylor Family Trust and E. G. Taylor, $420,000, April 1.

176 Rockland St., Helen L. Smith Family Trust and Cheryl A. Moran to C. Scott Limited Liability Co., $440,000, April 2, single family.

75 Foundry St. Unit 26, Geoffrey S. Dillon to Shorelight Res Limited Liability Co., $275,000, April 4, condo.

55 Pond St., David and Nancy Ames Jr. to Ma Land Conservation T. In, $550,000, April 3.

59 Pond St., David and Nancy Ames Jr. to Ma Land Conservation T. In, $550,000, April 3.

89 Center St., Douglas A. King to Cedeno Capital Limited Liability Co., $1,100,000, April 2.

9 Kenneth Road, L. & Yazmin Fadjo RET and D. L. Fadjo to Erica R. Shea, $500,000, April 1, single family.


11 Longwood Lane Unit 11, Cindy J. Guiness to William A. and Margaret A. Morrison, $890,000, April 3, condo.

27 Juniper Lane Unit 27, Associate Solutions Limited Liability Co. to Foley Family Trust and Lawrence H. Foley 3rd, $690,000, April 3, condo.


Loud Road, Joseph Realty Trust and Jacques A. Pierre to Hakima Outgouda and Said Elmennaouy, $430,000, April 1.

57 S. Franklin St., Gordon Holdings Limited Liability Co. to Sugared Donut Realty Limited Liability Co., $800,000, April 5.

148 N. Franklin St., 148 N. Franklin Limited Liability Co. to Antonio and Luciano Kodheli, $695,000, April 4.

610 S. Franklin St. Unit B204, Judith B. Schnabel to Antoinier and Manoucheka Joseph, $305,000, April 5, condo.


5 Treetop Lane Unit 2, Vicki Cataldo to Pongrapee Sukapat, $365,000, April 4, condo.


78 Freetown St., Katie L. Pereira to Timothy D. Pereiru, $588,500, April 3, single family.


3 Morgan Road, Gallagher Roberta Lee Est and David S. Gallagher to Kimberly Mcnamara, $665,000, April 4, single family.


33 Anderson Ave., Freedom Rg Limited Liability Co. to Jack A. Chapman and Brianne Riccio, $420,000, April 4, single family.

150 Miller St., Jose and Javier Morell to Bryan T. Johnson and William J. Curtin, $571,500, April 4, single family.

24 Summit St., Phillip A. Cifuni to Alexander A. and Amanda M. Nason, $355,000, April 4, single family.

83 Oak St., Justin Cooke to 83 Oak St Limited Liability Co., $501,000, April 5.


152 Godfrey Drive Unit 152, Eckstrom Constance E. Est and Karl E. Eckstrom to Kevin and Carolyn Dimestico, $510,000, April 4, condo.

6 Marchand Way Unit 6, Denise G. Cassidy and Ellen Griffin to Seth and Devan Stewart, $420,000, April 1, condo.

5 Anna Way, Edward P. and Susan D. Tamul to Thomas and Sherry Ustas, $950,000, April 1, single family.

5 Village Way Unit C., Brendan Picini to Kaycee R. Macdonald and Connor J. Dunn, $365,000, April 3, condo.


38 Birch St., Theresa J. and Douglas Sprague to Darrell J. Sanders, $550,000, April 3, single family.


17 Albert Road, J&e Barrett T. and Jean M. Dzengeleski to Ann H. Maccune, $525,000, April 2, single family.

14 Warren Ave., Paul J. and Lorena M. Haven to Rory P. Regan and Casey M. Robinson, $1,460,000, April 1, single family.

12 State Road Unit 3A, Bc Sunshine RET and Joanna C. Kane to Steven Berman, $390,000, April 4, condo.

24 Hatherly Rise Unit 24, Joyce Farris RET and Joyce Farris to Mary Louise Halstead RET and Mary L. Halstead, $730,000, April 4, condo.

63 Bradstreete Xing Unit 63, Michael J. and Linda D. Curry to Bradford C. Bishop Lt and Bradford C. Bishop, $604,000, April 2, condo.

8 Tideview Path Unit 14, Tolmie Realty Trust and Julie A. Knickerbocker to Ocelot Realty Trust and Thomas C. Sexton, $193,000, April 3, condo.

216 Water St. Unit 202B, Roxana B. Dorsey to Cooper Ln T. and Andrew Cisek, $610,000, April 4, condo.

1 Outlook E. Unit 1OE, Ridge Development Limited Liability Co. to D. Stiffler & K. Sullivan R. and Daniel Stiffler, $986,606, April 4, condo.

88 Benjamins Gate Unit 88, Donovan RET and James R. Donovan to Craig A. Giblin T. and Craig A. Giblin, $600,000, April 5, condo.

Saquish Lot 10, Gary D. James to Joshua Newman, $22,000, April 3.

Saquish Lot 95, Gary D. James to Joshua Newman, $22,000, April 3.

Saquish Lot 9, Gary D. James to Joshua Newman, $22,000, April 3.

Talcott Pnes Lot 10-384, OS Golf Homes Limited Liability Co. to Maurice A. Bergeron Lt and Maurice A. Bergeron, $360,000, April 3.

7 Dawnslight, Pinehills Limited Liability Co. to Sheila R. Bloom 2024 T. and Paul D. Grabscheid, $450,000, April 4.

Saquish Lot 96, Gary D. James to Joshua Newman, $22,000, April 3.

1 Tideview Path Unit 2, Marianne Shirikjian to Sandra Milano and Dara Harris, $160,000, April 4, condo.

74 Boatwrights Loop, Mary A. Malloy RET and Marry A. Malloy to Harold A. Parent 2008 RET and Harold A. Parent, $869,000, April 5, single family.

33 Cypress St., Craig Tower to Jessica Gillen, $400,000, April 4, single family.

25 Surrey Drive, Blue Oak Development Limited Liability Co. to Carly A. and Kevin P. Roche, $520,000, April 4, single family.

32 Pebble Beach Drive, Mbre Limited Liability Co. to France Livadas T. and Nicholas Livadas, $899,000, April 5, single family.

597 Wareham Road, Holmes Jeffrey J. Est and Peter J. Holmes to Habitat For Humanity Of G., $300,000, April 5, single family.

12 Hamilton St. Unit 12, Sarah E. Gorhan and Debra S. Morris to Alan R. and Kathleen L. Baker, $605,000, April 4, condo.

88 South St., Paz Re Investments Limited Liability Co. to Mark and Kendra Giannini, $550,000, April 2, single family.

90-R Bartlett Road, Twenty Twelve Limited Liability Co. to Spencer and Tyla Menard, $475,000, April 5, single family.

110 Morgan Road, Ina P. and David W. Cheffro to Michael P. and Sarah M. Leber, $620,000, April 1, single family.

36 Craig St. Unit 36, John H. Sears to Clare Moore, $370,000, April 5, condo.

4 Clyfton St., Christopher J. and Tracy A. Parker to Jocemar Ramina and Sabrina M. Salven-Ramina, $940,000, April 5, single family.

5 Mcclellan Drive, Edward Colvin to Binh Dao and Da Ngo, $645,000, April 5, single family.


16 Michelle Lane, David R. and Danielle J. Luhrs to Indranie R. and Brianna S. Baldeo, $560,000, April 4, single family.

5 Macauley Way, Odess David S. Est and Jill A. Fischer to Jean K. Brice, $671,000, April 1, single family.

43 West St. Unit B3, Matilda N. Okany to Anne S. Bosquet, $280,000, April 5, condo.

30 Silver St., 30 Silver Street Realty Trust and Latitude Capital Limited Liability Co. Tr to Jessica L. Gooch and Juan Mederos, $560,000, April 5, single family.

44 J. A. Mcdermott Circle, 536 South Main Limited Liability Co. to Max A. and Cheryl Isidor, $899,900, April 1.

20 Nelson Drive Unit 1B, Nelson Dr Realty Trust and Alex G. Cheung to Lauren Crudup-Jordan, $250,000, April 4, condo.


74 Pleasant St., Januse James T. Est and James W. Januse to Michael A. Mccartin, $450,000, April 2.

645 Orchard St., Barbara L. and David Ferreira to Vinicius M. Viana, $665,000, April 2, single family.

345 Robinson St., Stephanie M. Byron to Michael G. Byron, $97,000, April 2, single family.

168 Bridge St., Murphy Janice M. Est and Michael K. Murphy to Elisabeth Rodrigues, $470,000, April 2, single family.


39 Willow Pond Drive Unit 39, Maria R. Alves to Nicole Merritt, $508,000, April 4, condo.

83 Union St., Keivn Kane Limited Liability Co. to Maria Patterson, $675,000, April 5, single family.

41 George St., Myrlande Pamphile to Christina N. Braun and Matthew C. Mahagan, $565,000, April 3, single family.

821 Union St., Kathleen N. Peters 2019 T. and Brian E. Barreira to Jacques A. Pierre, $365,000, April 1, single family.

440 Webster St., Columbia Social Clb Of Ro to International Church, $430,000, April 5.


Page St., John M. and Edmund J. Murphy to Clonshee Limited Liability Co., $1,570,400, April 3.

44 Woodbine Road, Kenneth W. Brown (irrevocable trust) and Shawn Hamilton to Edward Johnson, $200,000, April 1, single family.

15 Harris Circle, Punit Shetty and Shauna L. Cristoforo to Pankaj Y. and Mayuriben P. Patel, $900,001, April 4, single family.

269 Page St., 269 Page Street Realty Trust and Edmund J. Murphy 3rd to Clonshee Limited Liability Co., $260,000, April 3, single family.

204 Rogers Drive, Anh Tong to Anthony J. and Sophia J. Mell, $732,000, April 5, single family.

259 Page St., F. & M. Realty Trust and John M. Murphy to Clonshee Limited Liability Co., $377,100, April 3, single family.

275 Page St., F. & M. Realty Trust and John M. Murphy to Clonshee Limited Liability Co., $492,500, April 3.

51 Birch St., Berardi Realty Trust and Michael J. Berardi to Jose and Julie Santiago Jr., $585,000, April 4, single family.

37 Columbus Ave., Haydar Ali to Ahmad and Naz Ali, $500,000, April 5, single family.


685 Bay St. Unit 24, Allison D. Elliott to Indira P. Paul, $375,000, April 5, condo.

36 Fayette Place, Pamela J. Caron and Ruth E. Medeiros to Zachary and Samantha Persechini, $400,000, April 5, single family.

179 Whittenton St., Beauvais Realty Trust and Raymond R. Beauvais to Patrick Mulhern, $700,000, April 5.

124 Williams St., Arturo D. and Nathalie Lopez to James C. Jones, $490,000, April 5, single family.

12 Wilson St., Maria Petterson to Choctaw American Ins Inc., $560,000, April 4, single family.

95 Fremont St., 95 Fremont Llp to John and Krystal Coveney, $555,000, April 4, single family.

5 Parkin Ave., Scudder Bay Capital Limited Liability Co. to Jose and Manuel Andrade, $598,500, April 5.

125 Middleboro Ave., Socrates D. Vavolotis and Robert E. Sylvia to Joshua and Crystal Moreira, $143,500, April 1.

256 Broadway, Maria M. Dutra to Vaisman S. and Luiz A. De Oliveira, $665,000, April 4.

13 State St., Maria H. Cardoso and Rosemary Carvalho to Andy and Dung Nguyen, $392,500, April 4.

450 Somerset Ave. Unit 304, Naomi Hartman to Gregary and Jadwigh Kolodziejczak, $237,000, April 3, condo.

12 Beacon St., Marilu Gomes and Kenneth A. Harris Jr. to Jorge A. Sandoval and Goilberto D. Serrano, $630,000, April 1.


367 Onset Ave., Andrade Lt and William P. Andrade to Tesno Home Solutions Limited Liability Co., $840,000, April 3.

26 Prospect St., Doucet Maryrose E. Est and Mark A. Doucet to Hughes Management Limited Liability Co., $352,500, April 1, single family.

4 Agawam Drive, Hilda E. Talvy to Marcel and Sharlene Deangelis, $142,500, April 1, single family.

2527 Cranberry Hwy Unit D4, Michael J. Crowe 3rd to Wsc Reaty Limited Liability Co., $180,000, April 1.

444 Main St., Jeffrey N. and Mary D. Morley to Great Neck Invs Limited Liability Co., $610,000, April 4.

3 Griffin Way, William and Carolyn Schneiderhan to Christopher and Sabrina Carando, $720,000, April 3, single family.

365 Onset Ave., Andrade Lt and William P. Andrade to Tesno Home Solutions Limited Liability Co., $840,000, April 3.

910 County Road, Monteiro Robert D. Est and Dawn A. Monteiro to Michael Mcmahon and Kristi Sullivan, $325,000, April 5, single family.

West Bridgewater

7 Metacomet Road, Cochesett Developers Inc. to Benjamin and Rachel Sharpe, $899,000, April 1, single family.


1 Paradise Lane Unit C2, David J. Martino to Aditi Sharma and Rajesh Panthri, $460,000, April 5, condo.

67 South Ave., Anthony J. and Christine A. Lowe to Andrew E. and Jeilee K. Murray, $525,000, April 5, single family.

21 Fieldstone Circle, Paul M. Paulsen to Benjamin Lockhart and Kristina Simkus, $580,000, April 2, single family.

107 Fullerton Ave., Christine Rapoza to Jason Rapoza, $52,000, April 1, single family.

Copyrighted material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Reprinted with permission of publisher, The Warren Group, www.thewarrengroup.com. 


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