Breaking: Samsung Star 10 spotted, could these kick-off the smart shoe revolution?

The Samsung Star 10 has leaked and it could just be the name of a new type of smart shoe that changes the way we think about wearables.

A new patent has revealed Samsung is working on a new type of smart sports shoe. This comes after Samsung developed the SmartSuit for the 2018 Winter Olympics, showing the company has designs on entering this relatively new market for smart wearables.

The patent was spotted by the eagle eyes over at LetsGoDigital, who also point out there are two variants to the shoes: Model A and B, as you can see below.

Samsung Smart Shoe concept

(Image: © LetsGoDigital)

Samsung Smart Shoe concept

(Image: © LetsGoDigital)

While digging out patents the LetsGoDigital team also spotted another for the name Star 10, which could be what these kicks get titled. 

Naming aside, what we do know is that the shoes will feature a brain that sits on the back above the heel. This should likely be able to detect things like cadence, impact force as well as the usual like distance and speed.

It is likely the shoes will work directly with Samsung’s Galaxy Watch to allow for on the go metrics without the need to take a phone along too.

Samsung may unveil the new smart shoes at CES 2019 in January or save them for the more wearable focused event that is MWC which kicks-off in February. So, either way, we’re hopeful this new wearable will appear soon.


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