Blockchain-based storage service takes on Amazon AWS, unveils pricing

A cloud storage service first announced in 2015 that uses the decentralized, peer-to-peer architecture of blockchain to store encrypted data on the computers of users around the globe has unveiled its pricing model and production launch date.

Storj Labs, which operates a beta storage service for developers, businesses and consumers, initially launched the Tardigrade Decentralized Cloud Storage Service in August. Today, it announced its Beta 2 release and pricing, taking aim at Amazon’s AWS S3 cloud service with what it says is a more cost-effective and resilient approach.

The Tardigrade storage service claims 99.97% availability, and said its prices are less than half the starting prices of legacy cloud storage providers. For example, Amazon S3 list prices are currently $23 per terabyte for static storage per month. Amazon S3 also claims uptimes that range from 95% to 99%.

“Across the three main providers, those prices average at $22 per terabyte for static storage and $99 per terabyte for bandwidth,” Storj Labs said in a blog post. “Furthermore, the prices quoted by legacy providers often don’t include features like encryption and multi-zone redundancy, which come standard with Tardigrade at no additional cost.”

Storj’s Tardigrade storage service beta currently has 400 active users.

Users who rent out space on their hard drives earn “Storjcoin X” (SJCX), a form of currency that can be used to purchase capacity on Storj’s “Driveshare” service. (The users earn SJCXs by selling excess space with DriveShare, or use it to purchase space on the Storj Metadisk network via the company’s file sharing app.)

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