Black Friday 2019: Everything we recommend this holiday

Happy Thanksgiving, readers. May your turkey be moist, and your post-meal naps refreshing … because you’re going to need the rest if you plan on doing any Black Friday shopping.

And GamesBeat is here to help. Last week, we published our guides to Black Friday — for those streamers in your life, the PC gamers, the folks who have everything, the fans of old games, the geezer geeks in your life, and even those looking for AI smartphones.

Happy holidays, and may you enjoy this season, play some great games, and encounter as little stress as possible when it comes to giving gifts to your family and friends.

You know somebody who’s looking to stream games or make videos for a living? Or just wants to have some fun while playing games with others watching? Here’s the gear you’ll need — including that all-important green screen so people don’t have to look at your dirty house while you stream.

Some people are hard to shop for … especially folks into gaming who go out and grab every big title or piece of tech that comes around. But we have some ideas!

The holidays are an ideal time to shop for gear for your PC … or one for a member of your family or a friend.

Not all game-themed gifts need to be about the new hotness. Sometimes, it’s fun to give something old … or at least a present with a good retro-styling and theme.

Look, I’m old, and I embrace it. And these gifts are fantastic for those of us you’ve got a little gray in our hair, a little pain in our joints. I’ve got plenty of ideas here for those who like to read, those who like to build, or those who just need a boombox robot in their lives.

Looking for a new phone with all the AI bells-and-whistles? We’ve got a roundup of the best out there. And yes, they play games, too.


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