Biggest Slot Jackpot Wins

Biggest Slot Jackpot Wins

As you will know, all slots games have different payout rates, jackpots and cash prizes available, which are designed to entice in players at different bankroll levels. With millions of different players, there need to be different reasons for different players to play different games, but one of the largest factors for opting for a specific game is that of the jackpot size of an online slot game.  With the online casinos has increased in their popularity due to the slots gaming world, the size of the available jackpots at  have increased too. So what kind of money wins are we looking at? 

Mega Moolah and Mega Jackpot Prizes

Mega Moolah has been known for its huge cash prizes and jackpots since its release and is the main reason why this game has been such a hit for Microgaming.  Though there are many different Mega Moolah games now available, Mega Moolah Double Jackpots has been successful in cashing out to many players and gifting them with huge life-changing quantities of cash.  The beginning of March saw over $11.5 million won across the five reels, 20 paylines, and the following day, another player won over €2 million.  It will not surprise you to learn that Mega Fortune Dreams also ranks highly in the online slot game jackpot wins of 2019 charts too.  Yet again in March 2019, a 65-year-old lady placed a bet on this slot, triggering the jackpot and being rewarded with over €4.3 million.  March really must be the time to play Mega Moolah! 

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Joker Millions is No Joke

Though there is no a great deal of history behind this fairly new slot of Joker Millions, the repercussions that this game can have on the lives of its players are no joke at all. Bitting in second position for the largest wins of 2019, Joker Millions turned one lucky players’ Easter break upside down when they won €3.1 million from placing just a €1.25 bet.  What an incredible return on this Yggdrasil slot online and is now one of the favoured online slots for players looking to win big. 

Amazing Azrabah Wishes

For the Arabs, wealth and money are the signs of success and this has been used in their slots gaming habits too.  This is why Azrabah Wishes online slots game takes the top position for being the biggest jackpot win of 2019, when this aesthetically pleasing and high-end slot caused a huge stir in the online casino world.  But this was not necessarily due to the size of the win, but because the same player won twice in the same week and won huge amounts of cash because of the multipliers they landed at the same time.  In one instance, their second win was multiplied by 15,000 which landed them a win of over $2.4 million.  Due to the fact that there were no limits for their withdrawal, they took home a hefty sum from their slots gaming online, where the golden pillars really so symbolise that you are entering an amazingly special slots game.

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